The Doc Rat Archives part 1

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Here are the archives of Doc Rat to date. You can browse through the titles, or search for phrases or names.
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DR-1 (26-Jun-2006): Begin with eye contact
DR-2 (27-Jun-2006): Take a careful history
DR-3 (28-Jun-2006): Manage knotty problems
DR-4 (29-Jun-2006): Prescribe appropriately
DR-5 (30-Jun-2006): Consider the alternatives
DR-6 (03-Jul-2006): Domestic blindness is diagnosed
DR-7 (04-Jul-2006): Respect your elders, whenever possible
DR-8 (05-Jul-2006): Give clear advice
DR-9 (06-Jul-2006): Perhaps he’ll look back on his new nose and laugh
DR-10 (07-Jul-2006): Rabbits run in the family
DR-11 (10-Jul-2006): Post traumatic event
DR-12 (11-Jul-2006): Extended neck examination
DR-13 (12-Jul-2006): Two old ladies discuss poor old Reg
DR-14 (13-Jul-2006): He just crossed the line
DR-15 (14-Jul-2006): Don’t stress – read the label
DR-16 (17-Jul-2006): Doctor runs late – and Gizelle starts out calm
DR-17 (18-Jul-2006): Doctor runs late – Gizelle explains
DR-18 (19-Jul-2006): Doctor runs late – Gizelle deals with Mr Fuzz
DR-19 (20-Jul-2006): Doctor runs late – the mix-up continues
DR-20 (21-Jul-2006): Doctor runs late – take a bow
DR-21 (24-Jul-2006): Just one fing after anuvver
DR-22 (25-Jul-2006): Beware – heavy drinker
DR-23 (26-Jul-2006): Friendly word, or spook story?
DR-24 (27-Jul-2006): Hallucinations – now you see ’em…
DR-25 (28-Jul-2006): Not a good time for a chat
DR-26 (31-Jul-2006): Phil fails the taste test
DR-27 (01-Aug-2006): Fee for service
DR-28 (02-Aug-2006): A penguin’s need to feed won’t wait
DR-29 (03-Aug-2006): Does a camel need to drink?
DR-30 (04-Aug-2006): Is sex better than chocolate?
DR-31 (07-Aug-2006): Duck a cold to miss a cold
DR-32 (08-Aug-2006): Drop a cold to catch a cold
DR-33 (09-Aug-2006): No relief from the cold spell
DR-34 (10-Aug-2006): No antibiotics for a cold
DR-35 (11-Aug-2006): Sarcasm is cold comfort
DR-36 (14-Aug-2006): At the pharmacy, with a captive audience
DR-37 (15-Aug-2006): At the pharmacy, with chills and delirium
DR-38 (16-Aug-2006): At the pharmacy, with the burden of treatment
DR-39 (17-Aug-2006): From the pharmacy, with pills to keep him going
DR-40 (18-Aug-2006): From the pharmacy, and back in business
DR-41 (21-Aug-2006): Wishbone not funny bone
DR-42 (22-Aug-2006): Tonsillitis – it is too like
DR-43 (23-Aug-2006): Ben gets a dressing down
DR-44 (24-Aug-2006): A real pain in the fundamental
DR-45 (25-Aug-2006): Taking a weekly active ingredient
DR-46 (28-Aug-2006): A bad case of the puns
DR-47 (29-Aug-2006): An echidna with a long tongue
DR-48 (30-Aug-2006): A wolf with a bad howl
DR-49 (31-Aug-2006): A giraffe with a sore throat
DR-50 (01-Sep-2006): A croc with a sore tongue, now
DR-51 (04-Sep-2006): Lower order diagnoses
DR-52 (05-Sep-2006): A victim of friendly fire water
DR-53 (06-Sep-2006): Doc Rat and some other comic
DR-54 (07-Sep-2006): Beware dangerous ray – In memory of Steve Irwin
DR-55 (08-Sep-2006): What not to say at a Pap smear
DR-56 (11-Sep-2006): Paperwork – Making a mountain out of a mail hill
DR-57 (12-Sep-2006): Paperwork – The tactics of stick
DR-58 (13-Sep-2006): Paperwork – The tactics of carrot
DR-59 (14-Sep-2006): Paperwork – The tactics of pressure
DR-60 (15-Sep-2006): Paperwork – The tactics of release
DR-61 (18-Sep-2006): Paperwork – A big ask
DR-62 (19-Sep-2006): Paperwork – The compost system
DR-63 (20-Sep-2006): Paperwork – Raiders of the lost archive
DR-64 (21-Sep-2006): Paperwork – There’s no escape
DR-65 (22-Sep-2006): Paperwork – All done at last
DR-66 (25-Sep-2006): Congratulations – We knew what she meant
DR-67 (26-Sep-2006): Wishing you safe galloping
DR-68 (27-Sep-2006): Beware – Still a heavy drinker
DR-69 (28-Sep-2006): The bitter with the bite
DR-70 (29-Sep-2006): Parental guidance or horror story?
DR-71 (02-Oct-2006): Domestic blindness once again
DR-72 (03-Oct-2006): We apologise for the following gag
DR-73 (04-Oct-2006): A gag in the mouth should stay there
DR-74 (05-Oct-2006): Conference envy
DR-75 (06-Oct-2006): More conference envy
DR-76 (09-Oct-2006): Problems on a list, they’ll none of them be missed
DR-77 (10-Oct-2006): Actually, she doesn’t have weak bones after all
DR-78 (11-Oct-2006): A fennec fox buys ear drops
DR-79 (12-Oct-2006): The secret of the ultimate blood test
DR-80 (13-Oct-2006): The results are in, and he’s not up to scratch
DR-81 (16-Oct-2006): The drinker prepares for the dry spell
DR-82 (17-Oct-2006): Men’s health – how much can a koala bear?
DR-83 (18-Oct-2006): A WHAT in a bull?
DR-84 (19-Oct-2006): Getting stuck into a book
DR-85 (20-Oct-2006): The doctor who could have been a lawyer
DR-86 (23-Oct-2006): Wrong weigh
DR-87 (24-Oct-2006): Buy the weigh
DR-88 (25-Oct-2006): Down a weigh
DR-89 (26-Oct-2006): Trim a weigh
DR-90 (27-Oct-2006): Break a weigh
DR-91 (30-Oct-2006): Small parts may be swallowed
DR-92 (31-Oct-2006): Eye in the sky chart
DR-93 (01-Nov-2006): Passive aggressive smoking
DR-94 (02-Nov-2006): He’s going to get a needle
DR-95 (03-Nov-2006): He’s still going to get a needle
DR-96 (06-Nov-2006): She just slipped out
DR-97 (07-Nov-2006): He’s going to get a needle and a sticker
DR-98 (08-Nov-2006): Hat hair
DR-99 (09-Nov-2006): He’s going to get a needle without an audience
DR-100 (10-Nov-2006): He got a needle
DR-101 (13-Nov-2006): She’s not backward in being forward
DR-102 (14-Nov-2006): A man, a woman and a distraction
DR-103 (15-Nov-2006): Body hair
DR-104 (16-Nov-2006): Bear with child
DR-105 (17-Nov-2006): Antibiotic medicine – it’s called a loading dose
DR-106 (20-Nov-2006): Drug rep has brought lunch
DR-107 (21-Nov-2006): Drug rep has exciting news
DR-108 (22-Nov-2006): Drug rep calls it Zappo
DR-109 (23-Nov-2006): Drug rep brings no coffee mug
DR-110 (24-Nov-2006): Drug rep says goodbye with a pen
DR-111 (27-Nov-2006): Hardware victim – Initial presentation
DR-112 (28-Nov-2006): Hardware victim – Urgent assessment
DR-113 (29-Nov-2006): Hardware victim – Continuing management
DR-114 (30-Nov-2006): Hardware victim – Tidying up
DR-115 (01-Dec-2006): Hardware victim – Signing out
DR-116 (04-Dec-2006): All for animal testing
DR-117 (05-Dec-2006): Bitten by a crocodile once
DR-118 (06-Dec-2006): Couples counselling, diet counselling
DR-119 (07-Dec-2006): That last laxative
DR-120 (08-Dec-2006): Preparing for Christmas
DR-121 (11-Dec-2006): The first day
DR-122 (12-Dec-2006): The second day
DR-123 (13-Dec-2006): The third day
DR-124 (14-Dec-2006): The fourth day
DR-125 (15-Dec-2006): The fifth day
DR-126 (18-Dec-2006): The sixth day
DR-127 (19-Dec-2006): The seventh day
DR-128 (20-Dec-2006): The eighth day
DR-129 (21-Dec-2006): Ninth day, tenth day
DR-130 (22-Dec-2006): Eleventh day, twelfth day
DR-131 (25-Dec-2006): Wake up, it’s Christmas
DR-132 (26-Dec-2006): Relax, it’s Boxing Day
DR-133 (27-Dec-2006): Ben gives the ultimate gift
DR-134 (28-Dec-2006): So much pain it’s not funny
DR-135 (29-Dec-2006): Eat up, it’s Christmas leftovers
DR-136 (01-Jan-2007): A new year, the same paperwork
DR-137 (02-Jan-2007): A whole load of symptoms to check out
DR-138 (03-Jan-2007): Thinking not drinking
DR-139 (04-Jan-2007): Only one good way to take a camel’s temperature
DR-140 (05-Jan-2007): The absent-minded kid
DR-141 (08-Jan-2007): Waiting room argument needs the sound of music
DR-142 (09-Jan-2007): The unexpected cost of music
DR-143 (10-Jan-2007): The calming ambience of music
DR-144 (11-Jan-2007): The restful pace of music
DR-145 (12-Jan-2007): The inappropriate parrot of music
DR-146 (15-Jan-2007): The indistinguishable landscape of music
DR-147 (16-Jan-2007): The disorientated songbird of music
DR-148 (17-Jan-2007): The mournful whale of music
DR-149 (18-Jan-2007): The breaking point of music
DR-150 (19-Jan-2007): The end of music
DR-151 (22-Jan-2007): Heroes of the bushfire – a tribute to our firefighters
DR-152 (23-Jan-2007): He’s out of bounds (or a hopless case)
DR-153 (24-Jan-2007): The bunny’s felt the first kick
DR-154 (25-Jan-2007): An approach to the vomiting patient
DR-155 (26-Jan-2007): Molluscum diagnosis is met with otter disbelief
DR-156 (29-Jan-2007): The snake’s rattle is terminal
DR-157 (30-Jan-2007): The punchline is on the back of the shirt
DR-158 (31-Jan-2007): Courses for horses
DR-159 (01-Feb-2007): A phone somewhere in the pouch
DR-160 (02-Feb-2007): Fighting the phoney war
DR-161 (05-Feb-2007): A chip off the old block
DR-162 (06-Feb-2007): The zebra has a skin check
DR-163 (07-Feb-2007): Short time, long time, unrealistic time
DR-164 (08-Feb-2007): The elephant has amnesia
DR-165 (09-Feb-2007): Doctor on the boil
DR-166 (12-Feb-2007): The end of an uplifting tail
DR-167 (13-Feb-2007): Guinea pig hair
DR-168 (14-Feb-2007): Raising hair
DR-169 (15-Feb-2007): Looming hair
DR-170 (16-Feb-2007): Bungee hair
DR-171 (19-Feb-2007): Usagi not Sudoku
DR-172 (20-Feb-2007): Mary and the three bears
DR-173 (21-Feb-2007): Late operation, lost in translation
DR-174 (22-Feb-2007): Life’s not fair
DR-175 (23-Feb-2007): Happy to consent to protest
DR-176 (26-Feb-2007): Inventory 1
DR-177 (27-Feb-2007): Inventory 2
DR-178 (28-Feb-2007): Inventory 3
DR-179 (01-Mar-2007): Inventory 4
DR-180 (02-Mar-2007): Inventory 5
DR-181 (05-Mar-2007): The clockwork kid
DR-182 (06-Mar-2007): Tall cocky syndrome
DR-183 (07-Mar-2007): Above average haiku
DR-184 (08-Mar-2007): The whizzing speed of time(discussed here)
DR-185 (09-Mar-2007): Don’t you have a TV?
DR-186 (12-Mar-2007): Inability to weight-bear
DR-187 (13-Mar-2007): An absolute inspiration
DR-188 (14-Mar-2007): One good tern…
DR-189 (15-Mar-2007): If I had a bell, I’d knock on wood
DR-190 (16-Mar-2007): He’s going to get a needle for being sick
DR-191 (19-Mar-2007): Drug rep has bought wooden lunch
DR-192 (20-Mar-2007): Drug rep has exciting number news
DR-193 (21-Mar-2007): Drug rep reveals more in the fine print
DR-194 (22-Mar-2007): Drug rep boasts superior permeability
DR-195 (23-Mar-2007): Drug rep sums up with a poster
DR-196 (26-Mar-2007): An otter on the lookout for crabs
DR-197 (27-Mar-2007): A sitting bull
DR-198 (28-Mar-2007): A squid with eight legs and identical tentacles
DR-199 (29-Mar-2007): A silkworm with spare thread
DR-200 (30-Mar-2007): A stegosaurus with a normal scan
DR-201 (02-Apr-2007): A chat room for pregnant animals
DR-202 (03-Apr-2007): Health, climate, population and economy
DR-203 (04-Apr-2007): The foot that rocks the cradle…
DR-204 (05-Apr-2007): Too many bunnies, too few snow leopards
DR-205 (06-Apr-2007): Populations in conflict – a fresh view
DR-206 (09-Apr-2007): Easter Bunny exemption clause
DR-207 (10-Apr-2007): Dress sense of humour
DR-208 (11-Apr-2007): Rainbow chameleon
DR-209 (12-Apr-2007): Rainbow connection
DR-210 (13-Apr-2007): Rainbow comedian
DR-211 (16-Apr-2007): An elephant with aural hygiene
DR-212 (17-Apr-2007): The inner light – all things must pass
DR-213 (18-Apr-2007): Nothing like a nice cup of tea
DR-214 (19-Apr-2007): The origin of PCs
DR-215 (20-Apr-2007): Spray can harm
DR-216 (23-Apr-2007): Is that a recommendation or what?
DR-217 (24-Apr-2007): Harry must walk
DR-218 (25-Apr-2007): ANZAC Day – Harry walks
DR-219 (26-Apr-2007): Changing baby
DR-220 (27-Apr-2007): Consulting at a snail’s pace
DR-221 (30-Apr-2007): House calls are top service
DR-222 (01-May-2007): Beware – bad sign
DR-223 (02-May-2007): The father wasn’t, but will be a wolf
DR-224 (03-May-2007): The father was a rabbit, or a rat
DR-225 (04-May-2007): The wolf has got a rabbit deep inside
DR-226 (07-May-2007): The collie dog who needs a sheepless night
DR-227 (08-May-2007): Hey diddle diddle, it’s some kind of riddle
DR-228 (09-May-2007): Hey diddle diddle, the car park is brittle
DR-229 (10-May-2007): Hey diddle diddle, she’s fading a little
DR-230 (11-May-2007): Hey diddle diddle, she quit in the middle
DR-231 (14-May-2007): The drug rep manages to fit in a sandwich
DR-232 (15-May-2007): Phone messages – The bonfire of the liabilities
DR-233 (16-May-2007): Phone messages – Follow your dream
DR-234 (17-May-2007): A turtle with keyhole surgery
DR-235 (18-May-2007): A rabbit who married a wolf
DR-236 (21-May-2007): A moose with problem antlers
DR-237 (22-May-2007): Bad luck, right or wrong
DR-238 (23-May-2007): Fixing an ear by pulling a bluetooth
DR-239 (24-May-2007): Jarrad’s superhero comic
DR-240 (25-May-2007): The meaning of life (with apologies to John Murtagh)
DR-241 (28-May-2007): Negotiating a home visit
DR-242 (29-May-2007): Interested in a home visit
DR-243 (30-May-2007): Thank God you’re here
DR-244 (31-May-2007): Kidney stone pain – build-up and tail-off
DR-245 (01-Jun-2007): In the discomfort of your own home
DR-246 (04-Jun-2007): Trapped at home in labour
DR-247 (05-Jun-2007): Setting out for hospital
DR-248 (06-Jun-2007): On the way to hospital
DR-249 (07-Jun-2007): Nearly at the hospital
DR-250 (08-Jun-2007): At the hospital
DR-251 (11-Jun-2007): A pigeon’s monumental laxative
DR-252 (12-Jun-2007): Exercising his right
DR-253 (13-Jun-2007): A spider with a spinning sensation
DR-254 (14-Jun-2007): Platypus and ostrich and that first incision
DR-255 (15-Jun-2007): A well-earned present from the grateful dad
DR-256 (18-Jun-2007): The doctor tells a sloth to go and hang
DR-257 (19-Jun-2007): The eye chart – not a pass, but very close
DR-258 (20-Jun-2007): A tortoise comes the heavy
DR-259 (21-Jun-2007): A lizard needing retail therapy
DR-260 (22-Jun-2007): Prescribing error from the horse’s mouth
DR-261 (25-Jun-2007): Alternatives to antibiotics
DR-262 (26-Jun-2007): A crocodile with a dentist inside
DR-263 (27-Jun-2007): An otter who is very highly slung
DR-264 (28-Jun-2007): A virus can’t be killed by antibiotics
DR-265 (29-Jun-2007): Garlic helps to keep the pests at bay
DR-266 (02-Jul-2007): It rains and it pauses
DR-267 (03-Jul-2007): A joey shelters under mother’s nose
DR-268 (04-Jul-2007): The doc tells Jarrad’s mother to butt out
DR-269 (05-Jul-2007): An elephant with a packed trunk
DR-270 (06-Jul-2007): A girl helpless from coughing
DR-271 (09-Jul-2007): Al denies drinking
DR-272 (10-Jul-2007): Evidence of drinking
DR-273 (11-Jul-2007): Accidental drinking
DR-274 (12-Jul-2007): Drinking not thinking
DR-275 (13-Jul-2007): Flea for his life
DR-276 (16-Jul-2007): Bless you, tiger
DR-277 (17-Jul-2007): Infection brings a patient down to earth
DR-278 (18-Jul-2007): An underhanded rash or just dessert?
DR-279 (19-Jul-2007): A pharmacist could have a vet each way
DR-280 (20-Jul-2007): Language #1
DR-281 (23-Jul-2007): Constantly Harried
DR-282 (24-Jul-2007): Cry Harry
DR-283 (25-Jul-2007): The trouble with Harry
DR-284 (26-Jul-2007): The more the Harrier
DR-285 (27-Jul-2007): Language #2
DR-286 (30-Jul-2007): Baby bunnies for their needles
DR-287 (31-Jul-2007): Baby bunnies safe from in-laws
DR-288 (01-Aug-2007): Baby bunnies protected by family
DR-289 (02-Aug-2007): Baby bunny escapes needle
DR-290 (03-Aug-2007): Language #3
DR-291 (06-Aug-2007): Sorry for the weight
DR-292 (07-Aug-2007): The staff come the heavy
DR-293 (08-Aug-2007): Two early birds and a sluggish worm
DR-294 (09-Aug-2007): Too early, too cold, too wet
DR-295 (10-Aug-2007): Language #4
DR-296 (13-Aug-2007): Exercise in style
DR-297 (14-Aug-2007): Drug running
DR-298 (15-Aug-2007): Out running
DR-299 (16-Aug-2007): Under running
DR-300 (17-Aug-2007): Language #5
DR-301 (20-Aug-2007): Late run
DR-302 (21-Aug-2007): Dream run
DR-303 (22-Aug-2007): Drift run
DR-304 (23-Aug-2007): Home run
DR-305 (24-Aug-2007): Language #6
DR-306 (27-Aug-2007): A fish out of water
DR-307 (28-Aug-2007): A squid with a bad leg
DR-308 (29-Aug-2007): A penguin with a familiar face
DR-309 (30-Aug-2007): Yes I KNOW walrus don’t eat fish!
DR-310 (31-Aug-2007): Language #7
DR-311 (03-Sep-2007): A mandrill with a coloured top and tail
DR-312 (04-Sep-2007): A rash and inefficient use of thyme
DR-313 (05-Sep-2007): For good or ill, a shepherd’s crook indeed
DR-314 (06-Sep-2007): Euthanasia
DR-315 (07-Sep-2007): Language #8
DR-316 (10-Sep-2007): He runs on time, from time to time
DR-317 (11-Sep-2007): Jarrad’s got a nosebleed
DR-318 (12-Sep-2007): A frog who keeps her babies in a jar
DR-319 (13-Sep-2007): Mrs Lappin has the wrong petition
DR-320 (14-Sep-2007): Language #9
DR-321 (17-Sep-2007): Screening for infectious diseases
DR-322 (18-Sep-2007): A drug rep with a massive bill for food
DR-323 (19-Sep-2007): Third time lucky – it’s a boy look
DR-324 (20-Sep-2007): Spot diagnosis and hog call
DR-325 (21-Sep-2007): Language #10
DR-326 (24-Sep-2007): Liquid nitrogen is cool
DR-327 (25-Sep-2007): His cryotherapy is on the nose
DR-328 (26-Sep-2007): An armadillo with a hardy shell
DR-329 (27-Sep-2007): A kangaroo who likes to vegetate
DR-330 (28-Sep-2007): It’s like my god they can’t communicate
DR-331 (01-Oct-2007): Lily and the last of the numbats
DR-332 (02-Oct-2007): Lily and the call of the numbat
DR-333 (03-Oct-2007): Enter the smoky lair of the numbat
DR-334 (04-Oct-2007): Hear the smoky breath of the numbat
DR-335 (05-Oct-2007): Despair at the smoky logic of the numbat
DR-336 (08-Oct-2007): Escape from the smoky joke of the numbat
DR-337 (09-Oct-2007): The non-smoking rat with a gnawing problem
DR-338 (10-Oct-2007): The gnawing rat with a sticky issue
DR-339 (11-Oct-2007): The sticking point for the smoke addicts
DR-340 (12-Oct-2007): Two smoke addicts and inspiration for a joke
DR-341 (15-Oct-2007): Jackson’s totally sick video game
DR-342 (16-Oct-2007): He can afford to be a zombie
DR-343 (17-Oct-2007): The mind that plays dead stays dead
DR-344 (18-Oct-2007): Video addiction promises life in the future
DR-345 (19-Oct-2007): Sharing a game, call it bedside manner
DR-346 (22-Oct-2007): Danger – video games for sale
DR-347 (23-Oct-2007): Classic movies are shot on video
DR-348 (24-Oct-2007): Work late, play later
DR-349 (25-Oct-2007): Enter the video game hero
DR-350 (26-Oct-2007): Games – you can’t put up with them for very long
DR-351 (29-Oct-2007): The lost weekend
DR-352 (30-Oct-2007): The rivalry of addictions
DR-353 (31-Oct-2007): Goodbye fantasy, roll on reality
DR-354 (01-Nov-2007): Training video nasty
DR-355 (02-Nov-2007): Game over
DR-356 (05-Nov-2007): Back to real life, for good or ill
DR-357 (06-Nov-2007): Melbourne Cup – ride on
DR-358 (07-Nov-2007): Joey Joey Joey jam
DR-359 (08-Nov-2007): The spider has no problem with her wait
DR-360 (09-Nov-2007): Cervical cancer gets a parting shot
DR-361 (12-Nov-2007): Mavis passes the clock test
DR-362 (13-Nov-2007): Ben fails the memory test
DR-363 (14-Nov-2007): Carrion signing
DR-364 (15-Nov-2007): Knee-jerk reflex
DR-365 (16-Nov-2007): Jarrad’s pirate comic
DR-366 (19-Nov-2007): You can’t always get what you want
DR-367 (20-Nov-2007): Pushing tea on a commercial scale
DR-368 (21-Nov-2007): A lizard’s reattachment to his tail
DR-369 (22-Nov-2007): Cat wash
DR-370 (23-Nov-2007): We vote for democracy
DR-371 (26-Nov-2007): Drug rep and the swarm of ants
DR-372 (27-Nov-2007): Drug rep and the head-to-head trial
DR-373 (28-Nov-2007): Drug rep and the healthy love
DR-374 (29-Nov-2007): Drug rep and the frills of marketing
DR-375 (30-Nov-2007): Drug rep and the psoriasis cream
DR-376 (03-Dec-2007): An apple a day
DR-377 (04-Dec-2007): Shave the wolf
DR-378 (05-Dec-2007): The elephant in the room
DR-379 (06-Dec-2007): The fly strip
DR-380 (07-Dec-2007): The joey’s water has lost its spring
DR-381 (10-Dec-2007): Breast feeding begins a tome
DR-382 (11-Dec-2007): Girls look down on his T shirt
DR-383 (12-Dec-2007): The three ages of Lorna
DR-384 (13-Dec-2007): The age-old wisdom of Lorna
DR-385 (14-Dec-2007): The wise ambition of Lorna
DR-386 (17-Dec-2007): By all accounts, he needs a holiday
DR-387 (18-Dec-2007): By all accounts, his news is hard to bear
DR-388 (19-Dec-2007): By all accounts, he missed the bottom line
DR-389 (20-Dec-2007): By all accounts, he chooses one of three
DR-390 (21-Dec-2007): By all accounts, he’ll take the credit
DR-391 (24-Dec-2007): A quiet Christmas Eve for a rat
DR-392 (25-Dec-2007): A noisy Christmas Day for a rabbit
DR-393 (26-Dec-2007): Food on the beach
DR-394 (27-Dec-2007): Take up the ankle cure and stick with it
DR-395 (28-Dec-2007): A millipede with elevated feet
DR-396 (31-Dec-2007): A rat resolves to act like Jackie Chan
DR-397 (01-Jan-2008): Australia’s national new year birthday cheers
DR-398 (02-Jan-2008): Jarrad’s chesty pirate book
DR-399 (03-Jan-2008): The down side of chocolate
DR-400 (04-Jan-2008): The up side of chocolate
DR-401 (07-Jan-2008): The festive season’s coming to an end
DR-402 (08-Jan-2008): Ben’s classified information
DR-403 (09-Jan-2008): Ben’s secret meeting
DR-404 (10-Jan-2008): Ben’s private call
DR-405 (11-Jan-2008): Ben’s mystery
DR-406 (14-Jan-2008): Ben’s standoff
DR-407 (15-Jan-2008): Fist of furry
DR-408 (16-Jan-2008): Five fingers of disability
DR-409 (17-Jan-2008): The big boss
DR-410 (18-Jan-2008): Enter the dacron
DR-411 (21-Jan-2008): Rat-arsed master
DR-412 (22-Jan-2008): Ms Nice Guy
DR-413 (23-Jan-2008): Crouching typist, hidden rabbit
DR-414 (24-Jan-2008): Ben’s mystery is no longer private
DR-415 (25-Jan-2008): Jarrad’s superhero martial artist
DR-416 (28-Jan-2008): Australia Day public holiday
DR-417 (29-Jan-2008): A wart on the far side
DR-418 (30-Jan-2008): A lover’s pledge – no fault, no fight
DR-419 (31-Jan-2008): An eye compound for a compound eye
DR-420 (01-Feb-2008): The hard word
DR-421 (04-Feb-2008): Doctor Chang explains
DR-422 (05-Feb-2008): Chinese traditions and zodiac
DR-423 (06-Feb-2008): Chinese New Year
DR-424 (07-Feb-2008): The Year of the Rat
DR-425 (08-Feb-2008): Dai Loong
DR-426 (11-Feb-2008): Captain Kerpow – numbat the brave
DR-427 (12-Feb-2008): Jarrad’s secret superhero mask
DR-428 (13-Feb-2008): A superhero asking to be taught a lesson
DR-429 (14-Feb-2008): Big spike – numbat the craven
DR-430 (15-Feb-2008): Twenty-eight more cups
DR-431 (18-Feb-2008): A teaspoon a day
DR-432 (19-Feb-2008): Tae kwon do – starting in the wrong gear
DR-433 (20-Feb-2008): Lorna is a difficult old woman
DR-434 (21-Feb-2008): Lorna has a difficult decision
DR-435 (22-Feb-2008): What’s tantric sex?
DR-436 (25-Feb-2008): Jim tries to be hip, but it’s the wrong joint
DR-437 (26-Feb-2008): Tae kwon do – moving up to top gear
DR-438 (27-Feb-2008): The bottom line is take it from the top
DR-439 (28-Feb-2008): Maneki neko – the alternative is paw health
DR-440 (29-Feb-2008): Leap year
DR-441 (03-Mar-2008): It’s awfully quiet
DR-442 (04-Mar-2008): Tae kwon do – gnawing conflict
DR-443 (05-Mar-2008): Gnawing pencils – the long and short of the point
DR-444 (06-Mar-2008): Pencil sharpener, pencil shortener
DR-445 (07-Mar-2008): A gnawing worry, on the face of it
DR-446 (10-Mar-2008): Rats can gnaw, so don’t hold back
DR-447 (11-Mar-2008): Willpower is no match for a good pack of pencils
DR-448 (12-Mar-2008): A lesson on lead pencils
DR-449 (13-Mar-2008): A gnawing worry and a fiscal deadline
DR-450 (14-Mar-2008): Gnawing withdrawal and an attack of the HB’s
DR-451 (17-Mar-2008): He needs a fix
DR-452 (18-Mar-2008): He broke a tooth
DR-453 (19-Mar-2008): He’s a brain doctor
DR-454 (20-Mar-2008): He supposes so
DR-455 (21-Mar-2008): Dumb ass advice
DR-456 (24-Mar-2008): He’s stalling for his life
DR-457 (25-Mar-2008): He’s fighting for a funeral
DR-458 (26-Mar-2008): Last orders please
DR-459 (27-Mar-2008): Cup-a-snout
DR-460 (28-Mar-2008): Bad night
DR-461 (31-Mar-2008): Tooth-Be-Gone
DR-462 (01-Apr-2008): Ben-Be-Fool
DR-463 (02-Apr-2008): Contemplating his end
DR-464 (03-Apr-2008): Lifesaving rain
DR-465 (04-Apr-2008): Tooth twist
DR-466 (07-Apr-2008): The best seat in the house
DR-467 (08-Apr-2008): Singin’ in the rain
DR-468 (09-Apr-2008): Mary gives Ben the hard word
DR-469 (10-Apr-2008): Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?
DR-470 (11-Apr-2008): A commendation from the horse’s mouth
DR-471 (14-Apr-2008): A heifer with a sample of a stool
DR-472 (15-Apr-2008): A trophy of the gum
DR-473 (16-Apr-2008): Stamp out cholesterol
DR-474 (17-Apr-2008): Nichaud and the waiting room reading fodder
DR-475 (18-Apr-2008): More puff to the big bad wolf
DR-476 (21-Apr-2008): A warthog girl is braced for good advice
DR-477 (22-Apr-2008): An octopus in line for sound exam
DR-478 (23-Apr-2008): A blackbird with invertebrated back
DR-479 (24-Apr-2008): A hopper going forward with a spring
DR-480 (25-Apr-2008): A woman hurrying to slow him down
DR-481 (28-Apr-2008): X-rays can be bad for the ass
DR-482 (29-Apr-2008): A possum-playing hippopotamus
DR-483 (30-Apr-2008): A kangaroo is not a happy hopper
DR-484 (01-May-2008): That bloody dog and his neurotic flock
DR-485 (02-May-2008): A mole with hairs
DR-486 (05-May-2008): A poorly fitting legging may alarm
DR-487 (06-May-2008): A tadpole with the steroid of a shark
DR-488 (07-May-2008): It’s all a lot of fun until the crunch
DR-489 (08-May-2008): A rapid rabbit European tour
DR-490 (09-May-2008): She’s off her cigarettes but not for good
DR-491 (12-May-2008): The plasma screen
DR-492 (13-May-2008): The stretcher case
DR-493 (14-May-2008): The clever doc
DR-494 (15-May-2008): The ambulance
DR-495 (16-May-2008): The non-quitter
DR-496 (19-May-2008): The deaf star
DR-497 (20-May-2008): The blow-up frog
DR-498 (21-May-2008): The allergic cat
DR-499 (22-May-2008): Baby on board
DR-500 (23-May-2008): The headstrong cheetah
DR-501 (26-May-2008): The dawning of the electronic age
DR-502 (27-May-2008): The spectre of the cybernetic age
DR-503 (28-May-2008): A rabbit wrap-up European tour
DR-504 (29-May-2008): Clamp, nurse, and make it snappy
DR-505 (30-May-2008): The light coming out the other side
DR-506 (02-Jun-2008): Light a candle
DR-507 (03-Jun-2008): Complimentary candle
DR-508 (04-Jun-2008): Ancient candle
DR-509 (05-Jun-2008): Open-minded candle
DR-510 (06-Jun-2008): Leechcraft
DR-511 (09-Jun-2008): The sound of i-silence
DR-512 (10-Jun-2008): The elephant and the cicada
DR-513 (11-Jun-2008): Not in my back yard
DR-514 (12-Jun-2008): Nichaud and the horns of a dilemma
DR-515 (13-Jun-2008): Disparate elements
DR-516 (16-Jun-2008): On overseeing practice manager
DR-517 (17-Jun-2008): A lioness looking for the richest vein
DR-518 (18-Jun-2008): A huntress in the undergrowth
DR-519 (19-Jun-2008): Survival of the fastest
DR-520 (20-Jun-2008): The payoff
DR-521 (23-Jun-2008): It’s agreed
DR-522 (24-Jun-2008): Funny dreams
DR-523 (25-Jun-2008): Doublethink bubble
DR-524 (26-Jun-2008): Silent phonophobia
DR-525 (27-Jun-2008): Empowerment is stronger medicine
DR-526 (30-Jun-2008): The six minute limpet
DR-527 (01-Jul-2008): Daniella gives Ben the low down
DR-528 (02-Jul-2008): The silicon unicorn
DR-529 (03-Jul-2008): Charmane thinks of tasty as incentive
DR-530 (04-Jul-2008): Enter the Maelstrom
DR-531 (07-Jul-2008): The paperless office
DR-532 (08-Jul-2008): The babel of the electronic age
DR-533 (09-Jul-2008): The hybrid system
DR-534 (10-Jul-2008): The screen saviour
DR-535 (11-Jul-2008): The dreaded electronic beast of AAAAGHHH
DR-536 (14-Jul-2008): E-mail beats snail mail
DR-537 (15-Jul-2008): Ben and Daniella run around in the park
DR-538 (16-Jul-2008): Joeys and sibling gaming rivalry
DR-539 (17-Jul-2008): Rat and mouse joke – not
DR-540 (18-Jul-2008): Paperwork is a thing of the past
DR-541 (21-Jul-2008): A Maelstrom moment
DR-542 (22-Jul-2008): Save the wiring, tug a rat
DR-543 (23-Jul-2008): Doctor runs behind
DR-544 (24-Jul-2008): Mary is alerted to the Macks
DR-545 (25-Jul-2008): A shark who’s worried about remoras
DR-546 (28-Jul-2008): The doctor’s getting quite a fair collection
DR-547 (29-Jul-2008): Why Maelstrom?
DR-548 (30-Jul-2008): One click
DR-549 (31-Jul-2008): Stacks-a-dollars
DR-550 (01-Aug-2008): Computer crash
DR-551 (04-Aug-2008): Contents settled
DR-552 (05-Aug-2008): Hard knocks
DR-553 (06-Aug-2008): Count my fingers
DR-554 (07-Aug-2008): Big game hunter
DR-555 (08-Aug-2008): Technicolor yawn
DR-556 (11-Aug-2008): Aroo with a view
DR-557 (12-Aug-2008): Supermarket consult
DR-558 (13-Aug-2008): Knowledge is power
DR-559 (14-Aug-2008): Baby bunny breakout
DR-560 (15-Aug-2008): Charmane’s last post
DR-561 (18-Aug-2008): A sneeze in a pouch
DR-562 (19-Aug-2008): The drug rep’s into saving people’s bacon
DR-563 (20-Aug-2008): A bird flew in the cold store
DR-564 (21-Aug-2008): The cold who came in from the sky
DR-565 (22-Aug-2008): Dining out on the weak and the sick
DR-566 (25-Aug-2008): The plan is to make more plans
DR-567 (26-Aug-2008): The plan is unbelievable
DR-568 (27-Aug-2008): The plan is paid for
DR-569 (28-Aug-2008): The plan is just the ticket
DR-570 (29-Aug-2008): The plan is unread
DR-571 (01-Sep-2008): Two old ladies discuss what they can’t remember
DR-572 (02-Sep-2008): The doctor goes to see a bird on line
DR-573 (03-Sep-2008): The plan is a crime
DR-574 (04-Sep-2008): The plan is perfect
DR-575 (05-Sep-2008): The plan is out of sight
DR-576 (08-Sep-2008): A good place to go for frills
DR-577 (09-Sep-2008): A thirsty camel down to his reserve
DR-578 (10-Sep-2008): Lily doesn’t come here any more
DR-579 (11-Sep-2008): Gizelle is stressing to the point of stotting
DR-580 (12-Sep-2008): Back in the driving seat
DR-581 (15-Sep-2008): A toucan with a bulky bill
DR-582 (16-Sep-2008): A porker with a temperature
DR-583 (17-Sep-2008): A husky with a barking cough
DR-584 (18-Sep-2008): A classic dose of common scents
DR-585 (19-Sep-2008): Infectious disease notification
DR-586 (22-Sep-2008): Computers are wonderful
DR-587 (23-Sep-2008): Computer’s unhappy
DR-588 (24-Sep-2008): Computer’s invalid
DR-589 (25-Sep-2008): Computer’s suggestive
DR-590 (26-Sep-2008): Computer’s sleeping with the fish
DR-591 (29-Sep-2008): Supermarket confidential
DR-592 (30-Sep-2008): A rabbit with a stiff neck
DR-593 (01-Oct-2008): A lobster with a watchful eye
DR-594 (02-Oct-2008): A cheetah with a joint tap
DR-595 (03-Oct-2008): It’s that ten percent that counts
DR-596 (06-Oct-2008): Give please a chance
DR-597 (07-Oct-2008): A dragon with a light productive cough
DR-598 (08-Oct-2008): Gargoyle health
DR-599 (09-Oct-2008): A superficial comprehensive check
DR-600 (10-Oct-2008): Bulk billing free for all
DR-601 (13-Oct-2008): A comprehensive check and make it snappy
DR-602 (14-Oct-2008): Down for the count
DR-603 (15-Oct-2008): Hiding behind comic relief
DR-604 (16-Oct-2008): Ben gets behind the wheel of a search engine
DR-605 (17-Oct-2008): Never leave a trail
DR-606 (20-Oct-2008): Charmane’s toast
DR-607 (21-Oct-2008): Daniella’s running date
DR-608 (22-Oct-2008): A humpback with an oral temperature
DR-609 (23-Oct-2008): A couple with a cool relationship
DR-610 (24-Oct-2008): Global financial crisis, and pessimism too
DR-611 (27-Oct-2008): Daniella’s nice little place
DR-612 (28-Oct-2008): Daniella’s computer games
DR-613 (29-Oct-2008): Daniella’s Snout Place site
DR-614 (30-Oct-2008): Daniella’s medico-legal search
DR-615 (31-Oct-2008): Daniella’s rat race
DR-616 (03-Nov-2008): Ben screws up his courage
DR-617 (04-Nov-2008): Maybe they just threw out the case
DR-618 (05-Nov-2008): The man from Medicare
DR-619 (06-Nov-2008): An unavoidably long millipede
DR-620 (07-Nov-2008): Climate change absolution
DR-621 (10-Nov-2008): Cheeper by the dozen
DR-622 (11-Nov-2008): Daniella gives Ben a rhinoplasty
DR-623 (12-Nov-2008): Ben contemplates his pain
DR-624 (13-Nov-2008): A bat with a sleep disorder
DR-625 (14-Nov-2008): Back to back pills
DR-626 (17-Nov-2008): Check out this check-out chick
DR-627 (18-Nov-2008): Saved by the anecdote
DR-628 (19-Nov-2008): On legal advice, there was no apology
DR-629 (20-Nov-2008): Can you catch me?
DR-630 (21-Nov-2008): Weekend wasted
DR-631 (24-Nov-2008): Quantum of silliness
DR-632 (25-Nov-2008): Thanks for squeezing me in
DR-633 (26-Nov-2008): A bat’s eye view of a check up
DR-634 (27-Nov-2008): An otter putting up with misconception
DR-635 (28-Nov-2008): From bear to eternity
DR-636 (01-Dec-2008): Apple table penny one more time
DR-637 (02-Dec-2008): Solo practice
DR-638 (03-Dec-2008): This is it, dummy
DR-639 (04-Dec-2008): It’s showdown time
DR-640 (05-Dec-2008): The date is set
DR-641 (08-Dec-2008): Meat and greet
DR-642 (09-Dec-2008): Meat face to face
DR-643 (10-Dec-2008): Staff on the table
DR-644 (11-Dec-2008): Talk and stalk
DR-645 (12-Dec-2008): Pick and chews
DR-646 (15-Dec-2008): Safety dressing
DR-647 (16-Dec-2008): End of an error
DR-648 (17-Dec-2008): Aftermath
DR-649 (18-Dec-2008): Carrion
DR-650 (19-Dec-2008): Terminal
DR-651 (22-Dec-2008): My space
DR-652 (23-Dec-2008): Christmas shopping
DR-653 (24-Dec-2008): Rats
DR-654 (25-Dec-2008): Xmas
DR-655 (26-Dec-2008): Boxing
DR-656 (29-Dec-2008): Tell her about it
DR-657 (30-Dec-2008): Mole check
DR-658 (31-Dec-2008): The book of the living
DR-659 (01-Jan-2009): New Year, home and away
DR-660 (02-Jan-2009): Message to my girl
DR-661 (05-Jan-2009): Ben and Daniella’s Chinese date
DR-662 (06-Jan-2009): A pick-up truck and the devil’s eyes
DR-663 (07-Jan-2009): Heading for the theatre of battle
DR-664 (08-Jan-2009): Mel and Dani, coffee and chat
DR-665 (09-Jan-2009): Mel and Dani, trophy and rat
DR-666 (12-Jan-2009): Devil in a red belt
DR-667 (13-Jan-2009): One chickpea and the hackles are raised
DR-668 (14-Jan-2009): A target drill and strong, offensive hormone
DR-669 (15-Jan-2009): Ben talks his way into a fight
DR-670 (16-Jan-2009): Let the battle begin
DR-671 (19-Jan-2009): Duel
DR-672 (20-Jan-2009): To the death
DR-673 (21-Jan-2009): KO
DR-674 (22-Jan-2009): OK
DR-675 (23-Jan-2009): OW
DR-676 (26-Jan-2009): A big hand for the winner
DR-677 (27-Jan-2009): An eye for an eye
DR-678 (28-Jan-2009): Rodents kiss
DR-679 (29-Jan-2009): Rodents kiss part two
DR-680 (30-Jan-2009): Rodents kiss part three
DR-681 (02-Feb-2009): Rodents kiss part four
DR-682 (03-Feb-2009): Begin with a type of eye contact
DR-683 (04-Feb-2009): Silent reflux
DR-684 (05-Feb-2009): Not a quick one
DR-685 (06-Feb-2009): Late for a date but not finished
DR-686 (09-Feb-2009): The language of courtship
DR-687 (10-Feb-2009): Patient encounter
DR-688 (11-Feb-2009): Serial sevens attention to detail
DR-689 (12-Feb-2009): A long distance diagnostic call
DR-690 (13-Feb-2009): Touched by fire
DR-691 (16-Feb-2009): Fish out of water
DR-692 (17-Feb-2009): Smoking is my only pleasure
DR-693 (18-Feb-2009): The man who nose too much
DR-694 (19-Feb-2009): A fly who is expecting maggots
DR-695 (20-Feb-2009): A close call or a wolf call
DR-696 (23-Feb-2009): Abusive flea
DR-697 (24-Feb-2009): Protective flea
DR-698 (25-Feb-2009): Cooperative flea
DR-699 (26-Feb-2009): Post-hop instructions
DR-700 (27-Feb-2009): Puttin’ on the zits
DR-701 (02-Mar-2009): A patchy way to quit the cigarettes
DR-702 (03-Mar-2009): Sharp pain charlie
DR-703 (04-Mar-2009): What comes B4
DR-704 (05-Mar-2009): The time is now
DR-705 (06-Mar-2009): Illegible
DR-706 (09-Mar-2009): RICE cake
DR-707 (10-Mar-2009): The termite boys on very solid food
DR-708 (11-Mar-2009): Jarrad’s budding comic book career
DR-709 (12-Mar-2009): Vertigo
DR-710 (13-Mar-2009): Doc Rat’s latest zits
DR-711 (16-Mar-2009): A queue jump or a huge chump
DR-712 (17-Mar-2009): Three X-es
DR-713 (18-Mar-2009): Shellfish love
DR-714 (19-Mar-2009): Dummy spat
DR-715 (20-Mar-2009): My heart stood still
DR-716 (23-Mar-2009): Anyone who had a heart
DR-717 (24-Mar-2009): How can you mend a broken heart?
DR-718 (25-Mar-2009): Totally clips of the heart
DR-719 (26-Mar-2009): Unbreak my heart
DR-720 (27-Mar-2009): Heart of gold
DR-721 (30-Mar-2009): My heart will go on
DR-722 (31-Mar-2009): Peace of my heart
DR-723 (01-Apr-2009): No brainer
DR-724 (02-Apr-2009): Near miss
DR-725 (03-Apr-2009): Who watches?
DR-726 (06-Apr-2009): Koala tour
DR-727 (07-Apr-2009): Two old ladies and a poke and prod
DR-728 (08-Apr-2009): Are glasses worn?
DR-729 (09-Apr-2009): Mavis and the full health check
DR-730 (10-Apr-2009): Snail tour
DR-731 (13-Apr-2009): Doctor Rat goes to hospital
DR-732 (14-Apr-2009): Doctor Rat makes a passing comment
DR-733 (15-Apr-2009): Doctor Rat drops in on Mr Fuzz
DR-734 (16-Apr-2009): Doctor Rat came down hard on Mr Fuzz
DR-735 (17-Apr-2009): Doctor Rat and the seedling after the fire
DR-736 (20-Apr-2009): Squid blackout
DR-737 (21-Apr-2009): Octopus reflex
DR-738 (22-Apr-2009): Box jelly sting
DR-739 (23-Apr-2009): Clam trap
DR-740 (24-Apr-2009): Deep sea dentist
DR-741 (27-Apr-2009): The Black Forest gateau of death
DR-742 (28-Apr-2009): Wilbur Fuzz’s out of body experience
DR-743 (29-Apr-2009): Captain Kerpow and his comic book morality
DR-744 (30-Apr-2009): Pippie and the ghosts
DR-745 (01-May-2009): Pippie and the ghosts part two
DR-746 (04-May-2009): Pippie and the ghosts part three
DR-747 (05-May-2009): Pippie and the ghosts part four
DR-748 (06-May-2009): A pigeon with a head for where to go
DR-749 (07-May-2009): White coat effect
DR-750 (08-May-2009): Stopcock and bull, Wilbur
DR-751 (11-May-2009): Pippie and the hero
DR-752 (12-May-2009): Pippie and the hero part two
DR-753 (13-May-2009): Pippie and the hero part three
DR-754 (14-May-2009): Pippie and the hero part four
DR-755 (15-May-2009): Pippie and the hero part five
DR-756 (18-May-2009): An elephant who’s absolutely pierced
DR-757 (19-May-2009): Jaz and the shot
DR-758 (20-May-2009): Mouse and a cast
DR-759 (21-May-2009): Gnu cuisine
DR-760 (22-May-2009): You rash swine, Wilbur
DR-761 (25-May-2009): A zebra with an X-ray on the chest
DR-762 (26-May-2009): A pachyderm who chose to pack it in
DR-763 (27-May-2009): A butterfly with artificial aid
DR-764 (28-May-2009): Mechant ivory
DR-765 (29-May-2009): Gnu queue
DR-766 (01-Jun-2009): Junk food and a kid on the hard stuff
DR-767 (02-Jun-2009): No can chew, kid
DR-768 (03-Jun-2009): You’re a messy swine, kid
DR-769 (04-Jun-2009): Swine flu – pens and needles
DR-770 (05-Jun-2009): Swine flu – masking symptoms
DR-771 (08-Jun-2009): Swine flu – testing positive
DR-772 (09-Jun-2009): Swine flu – I’m real crook, doc
DR-773 (10-Jun-2009): Swine flu – hygiene, hygiene, hygiene
DR-774 (11-Jun-2009): Swine flu – out of the bottle
DR-775 (12-Jun-2009): Swine flu – high and dry
DR-776 (15-Jun-2009): Swine flu – off to visit Pippie
DR-777 (16-Jun-2009): Swine flu – she’s burning up
DR-778 (17-Jun-2009): Swine flu – not without a mask
DR-779 (18-Jun-2009): Swine flu – the kiss of life
DR-780 (19-Jun-2009): Swine flu – Pippie’s fever dream
DR-781 (22-Jun-2009): Swine flu – this job, what snot to like?
DR-782 (23-Jun-2009): Swine flu – off to visit Jarrad
DR-783 (24-Jun-2009): Swine flu – remain where you are
DR-784 (25-Jun-2009): Swine flu – smoke without a mask
DR-785 (26-Jun-2009): Swine flu – the day without an end
DR-786 (29-Jun-2009): Swine flu – good to get home
DR-787 (30-Jun-2009): Swine flu – off to visit Daniella
DR-788 (01-Jul-2009): Swine flu – stay the night
DR-789 (02-Jul-2009): Swine flu – top drawer stuff
DR-790 (03-Jul-2009): Swine flu – stop laughing, this is serious
DR-791 (06-Jul-2009): Swine flu – drugs and sympathy
DR-792 (07-Jul-2009): Swine flu – masks and gowns
DR-793 (08-Jul-2009): Swine flu – the graveyard shift
DR-794 (09-Jul-2009): Swine flu – don’t say goodnight
DR-795 (10-Jul-2009): Swine flu – pail light of day
DR-796 (13-Jul-2009): Swine flu – by the book
DR-797 (14-Jul-2009): Swine flu – oink oink medicine
DR-798 (15-Jul-2009): Swine flu – cry off sick
DR-799 (16-Jul-2009): Swine flu – speaking in tongues
DR-800 (17-Jul-2009): Swine flu – the light at the end
DR-801 (20-Jul-2009): Swine flu – three monkeys
DR-802 (21-Jul-2009): Swine flu – school day for Pippie
DR-803 (22-Jul-2009): Swine flu – movie night for Daniella
DR-804 (23-Jul-2009): Swine flu – thank you, and…
DR-805 (24-Jul-2009): Swine flu – goodnight
DR-806 (27-Jul-2009): The spectacle son
DR-807 (28-Jul-2009): A basic work-up
DR-808 (29-Jul-2009): A naked rat who’s just a naked rat
DR-809 (30-Jul-2009): A wombat who can meet a truck head-on
DR-810 (31-Jul-2009): Chlamydia bites
DR-811 (03-Aug-2009): Nippy Sunday morning
DR-812 (04-Aug-2009): Nichaud’s throwaway piece
DR-813 (05-Aug-2009): You don’t have to shout
DR-814 (06-Aug-2009): The joey’s junk skip
DR-815 (07-Aug-2009): Shirl and Lily – fresh air in the park
DR-816 (10-Aug-2009): Flopsy’s brother threw a barbecue
DR-817 (11-Aug-2009): But the food ran out
DR-818 (12-Aug-2009): The possum brothers
DR-819 (13-Aug-2009): Stuff all over
DR-820 (14-Aug-2009): Sitting on his tie
DR-821 (17-Aug-2009): An old lynx is in trouble with the misses
DR-822 (18-Aug-2009): Exciting thirty news from marketing
DR-823 (19-Aug-2009): May contain nuts
DR-824 (20-Aug-2009): A kitchen washing roster – chook and clean
DR-825 (21-Aug-2009): Protect, serve and walk away
DR-826 (24-Aug-2009): Snail skin tag
DR-827 (25-Aug-2009): Joey without cutlery
DR-828 (26-Aug-2009): It’s Lorna’s vintage future final meal
DR-829 (27-Aug-2009): Dragonfly binge
DR-830 (28-Aug-2009): Hamster tape
DR-831 (31-Aug-2009): Zappo – I see red
DR-832 (01-Sep-2009): Zappo – true colours
DR-833 (02-Sep-2009): Zappo – nobody takes me seriously
DR-834 (03-Sep-2009): Zappo – make sense of it
DR-835 (04-Sep-2009): Zappo – my mistake
DR-836 (07-Sep-2009): Out with the turtle piercings, young lady
DR-837 (08-Sep-2009): Some snake oil silences a squeaky snake
DR-838 (09-Sep-2009): Bottled water (Ad.)
DR-839 (10-Sep-2009): Does Daniella soothe the savage breath?
DR-840 (11-Sep-2009): It’s never boring
DR-841 (14-Sep-2009): Jarrad’s first comic book sale
DR-842 (15-Sep-2009): Jarrad’s superhero genius
DR-843 (16-Sep-2009): Jarrad has no trouble with inspiration
DR-844 (17-Sep-2009): Jarrad and Julian have something in common
DR-845 (18-Sep-2009): Jarrad and Julian say goodbye
DR-846 (21-Sep-2009): Julian’s good advice
DR-847 (22-Sep-2009): Julian misses Jan
DR-848 (23-Sep-2009): Julian’s advice is urgent
DR-849 (24-Sep-2009): Urgent meeting with Jack
DR-850 (25-Sep-2009): Danni and Mel on the beach
DR-851 (28-Sep-2009): Phone line of trust
DR-852 (29-Sep-2009): Grizz and a tactless question
DR-853 (30-Sep-2009): Grizz does it in the woods
DR-854 (01-Oct-2009): Family business
DR-855 (02-Oct-2009): Roller coaster romance
DR-856 (05-Oct-2009): Ghost train romance
DR-857 (06-Oct-2009): It even smells like romance
DR-858 (07-Oct-2009): Paperwork and other things
DR-859 (08-Oct-2009): Fruit and nut bar
DR-860 (09-Oct-2009): Mad about the boy
DR-861 (12-Oct-2009): Garconification – five points
DR-862 (13-Oct-2009): Garconification – ten points
DR-863 (14-Oct-2009): Garconification – twenty points
DR-864 (15-Oct-2009): Garconification – knockout
DR-865 (16-Oct-2009): Garconification – end play
DR-866 (19-Oct-2009): Daniella between a rock and a hard place
DR-867 (20-Oct-2009): Jarrad and Julian – big deal
DR-868 (21-Oct-2009): Julian the camel is in love
DR-869 (22-Oct-2009): Julian the camel has a lover
DR-870 (23-Oct-2009): Julian the camel’s love is out
DR-871 (26-Oct-2009): The doctor at the patient’s beck and call
DR-872 (27-Oct-2009): Endangered numbat dying for a light
DR-873 (28-Oct-2009): Jarrad’s comics need an editor
DR-874 (29-Oct-2009): Meet the family
DR-875 (30-Oct-2009): I’ve found her
DR-876 (02-Nov-2009): Casualty 1
DR-877 (03-Nov-2009): Casualty 2
DR-878 (04-Nov-2009): Casualty 3
DR-879 (05-Nov-2009): Casualty 4
DR-880 (06-Nov-2009): Casualty 5
DR-881 (09-Nov-2009): Tooth and consequence
DR-882 (10-Nov-2009): Thank you for the flowers
DR-883 (11-Nov-2009): Mondo Venezio – go or no go
DR-884 (12-Nov-2009): The little boy cometh
DR-885 (13-Nov-2009): Tough justice
DR-886 (16-Nov-2009): Numbat love
DR-887 (17-Nov-2009): Tough love
DR-888 (18-Nov-2009): Shirl shocked
DR-889 (19-Nov-2009): Flash point
DR-890 (20-Nov-2009): Bang
DR-891 (23-Nov-2009): Soft shoulder
DR-892 (24-Nov-2009): Make right happen
DR-893 (25-Nov-2009): Let’s do it
DR-894 (26-Nov-2009): Scent trail
DR-895 (27-Nov-2009): Not too many secrets
DR-896 (30-Nov-2009): The gentle kiss goodbye
DR-897 (01-Dec-2009): Surely some secrets
DR-898 (02-Dec-2009): In the park 1
DR-899 (03-Dec-2009): In the park 2
DR-900 (04-Dec-2009): In the park 3
DR-901 (07-Dec-2009): In the park 4
DR-902 (08-Dec-2009): In the park 5
DR-903 (09-Dec-2009): In the park 6
DR-904 (10-Dec-2009): In the park 7
DR-905 (11-Dec-2009): In the park 8
DR-906 (14-Dec-2009): In the park 9
DR-907 (15-Dec-2009): In the park 10
DR-908 (16-Dec-2009): Stitching
DR-909 (17-Dec-2009): Mending
DR-910 (18-Dec-2009): Closure
DR-911 (21-Dec-2009): Join the family
DR-912 (22-Dec-2009): Eject the family
DR-913 (23-Dec-2009): Pop the question
DR-914 (24-Dec-2009): Scent suspicion
DR-915 (25-Dec-2009): Scent presence
DR-916 (28-Dec-2009): Scent a dilemma
DR-917 (29-Dec-2009): Scent by express
DR-918 (30-Dec-2009): The lawyer in him
DR-919 (31-Dec-2009): At the police station
DR-920 (01-Jan-2010): Bullseye
DR-921 (04-Jan-2010): You don’t know Jack
DR-922 (05-Jan-2010): Julian, Modesty, Willie and co
DR-923 (06-Jan-2010): Wedding ring
DR-924 (07-Jan-2010): Enraged to be married
DR-925 (08-Jan-2010): The missus meets the ex
DR-926 (11-Jan-2010): The explanation 1
DR-927 (12-Jan-2010): The explanation 2
DR-928 (13-Jan-2010): Hold message
DR-929 (14-Jan-2010): The explanation 3
DR-930 (15-Jan-2010): The explanation 4
DR-931 (18-Jan-2010): How’s your doctor?
DR-932 (19-Jan-2010): Thank you for saving me
DR-933 (20-Jan-2010): You always heal the one you love
DR-934 (21-Jan-2010): Tooth and justice
DR-935 (22-Jan-2010): Father and son
DR-936 (25-Jan-2010): Bonus extras
DR-937 (26-Jan-2010): Back to the numbats – still valued
DR-938 (27-Jan-2010): Back to the numbats – Playset Mini
DR-939 (28-Jan-2010): Back to the numbats – Kill the deviants
DR-940 (29-Jan-2010): Back to the numbats – endangered marsupials
DR-941 (01-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – Shirl is faced with logic
DR-942 (02-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – a missing photo
DR-943 (03-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – booked by the text
DR-944 (04-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – Lily ends it all
DR-945 (05-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – safe norm
DR-946 (08-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – assault and battery
DR-947 (09-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – stop smoking deal
DR-948 (10-Feb-2010): Back to the numbats – comic ending
DR-949 (11-Feb-2010): The backlog
DR-950 (12-Feb-2010): The end – honestly
DR-951 (15-Feb-2010): Numbers one and two
DR-952 (16-Feb-2010): Cheating, inflatable frog
DR-953 (17-Feb-2010): Jellyfish can’t stand the heat
DR-954 (18-Feb-2010): Boxing baby jack-in-the-box joey
DR-955 (19-Feb-2010): Julian the battle-wounded spy is cool
DR-956 (22-Feb-2010): Two-face Botox bloodhound
DR-957 (23-Feb-2010): Mister Fuzz’s head spin
DR-958 (24-Feb-2010): Sloth reflex
DR-959 (25-Feb-2010): A frog with an attractive tongue
DR-960 (26-Feb-2010): Romantic brush with destiny
DR-961 (01-Mar-2010): Letters be a pirate
DR-962 (02-Mar-2010): Ben the pie rat
DR-963 (03-Mar-2010): Daniella’s jolly roger
DR-964 (04-Mar-2010): Julian paladin
DR-965 (05-Mar-2010): Cuirass folk
DR-966 (08-Mar-2010): Believe it or knot
DR-967 (09-Mar-2010): Pyrotechnics
DR-968 (10-Mar-2010): Fireworks
DR-969 (11-Mar-2010): Purchasing options
DR-970 (12-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 1
DR-971 (15-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 2
DR-972 (16-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 3
DR-973 (17-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 4
DR-974 (18-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 5
DR-975 (19-Mar-2010): What women want
DR-976 (22-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 6
DR-977 (23-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 7
DR-978 (24-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 8
DR-979 (25-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 9
DR-980 (26-Mar-2010): Secret Bunny Business 10
DR-981 (29-Mar-2010): Dinner on Thursday 1
DR-982 (30-Mar-2010): Dinner on Thursday 2
DR-983 (31-Mar-2010): Dinner on Thursday 3
DR-984 (01-Apr-2010): Dinner on Thursday 4
DR-985 (02-Apr-2010): Dinner on Thursday 5
DR-986 (05-Apr-2010): No tales
DR-987 (06-Apr-2010): The doctor is in
DR-988 (07-Apr-2010): Meet dad – that’s nice
DR-989 (08-Apr-2010): Daniella Hood-Rat
DR-990 (09-Apr-2010): A panda plans to be best man
DR-991 (12-Apr-2010): Secret bunny business and a slap
DR-992 (13-Apr-2010): Secret bunny business and a chicken rabbit
DR-993 (14-Apr-2010): Secret bunny business and serious rat business
DR-994 (15-Apr-2010): The camel says just do it
DR-995 (16-Apr-2010): Pat the dog and Pat the tiger
DR-996 (19-Apr-2010): Secret bunny business and a soft shoulder
DR-997 (20-Apr-2010): Secret bunny business and the Bungaree
DR-998 (21-Apr-2010): Alone at a Bungaree
DR-999 (22-Apr-2010): Go to the Bungaree
DR-1000 (23-Apr-2010): Grand plans for the Bungaree
DR-1001 (26-Apr-2010): Honeymoon next to the Bungaree
DR-1002 (27-Apr-2010): Doctor’s orders are to go to the Bungaree
DR-1003 (28-Apr-2010): Miracles can happen at the Bungaree
DR-1004 (29-Apr-2010): And so, without further ado…
DR-1005 (30-Apr-2010): I do
DR-1006 (03-May-2010): Say congratulations with flowers
DR-1007 (04-May-2010): The first dance of the wedding
DR-1008 (05-May-2010): Extremely secret traditional tea
DR-1009 (06-May-2010): Wedding present and honeymoon recipe
DR-1010 (07-May-2010): On the road away from it all
DR-1011 (10-May-2010): The recipe for nettlefrisk tea
DR-1012 (11-May-2010): Pit stop
DR-1013 (12-May-2010): Start your engines
DR-1014 (13-May-2010): The secrets of secret bunny business
DR-1015 (14-May-2010): Crossing the threshold
DR-1016 (17-May-2010): Wine tasting
DR-1017 (18-May-2010): A stroll in the vineyards
DR-1018 (19-May-2010): Relaxing spa bath
DR-1019 (20-May-2010): Dinner for two
DR-1020 (21-May-2010): Bum of a day
DR-1021 (24-May-2010): Early risers
DR-1022 (25-May-2010): Up, up and away
DR-1023 (26-May-2010): Miracles do happen
DR-1024 (27-May-2010): when it comes to
DR-1025 (28-May-2010): the crunch
DR-1026 (31-May-2010): Narrow escape at the children’s tent
DR-1027 (01-Jun-2010): Fast fast fast, get the wolf
DR-1028 (02-Jun-2010): Emergency retrieval, by the book
DR-1029 (03-Jun-2010): Scoop and run, stupid
DR-1030 (04-Jun-2010): It’s out of Doctor Brazzleberry’s league
DR-1031 (07-Jun-2010): Calling down the doctor
DR-1032 (08-Jun-2010): Steer this thing
DR-1033 (09-Jun-2010): The flying doctor and the floating dentist
DR-1034 (10-Jun-2010): Reduction and milk
DR-1035 (11-Jun-2010): Mr Jaegermond, thank you for saving me
DR-1036 (14-Jun-2010): Canine decision
DR-1037 (15-Jun-2010): The rat who knew too much
DR-1038 (16-Jun-2010): Enter Lord Lockley
DR-1039 (17-Jun-2010): Lapine test
DR-1040 (18-Jun-2010): You are of my burrow
DR-1041 (21-Jun-2010): Lord Lockley makes it official
DR-1042 (22-Jun-2010): Just one miracle after anuvver
DR-1043 (23-Jun-2010): Hello, breakfast
DR-1044 (24-Jun-2010): At the bunny breakfast banquet
DR-1045 (25-Jun-2010): Dannibunni, here comes the ex
DR-1046 (28-Jun-2010): Ben, meet Russell, and try to be polite
DR-1047 (29-Jun-2010): Off to the rose garden, for old times sake
DR-1048 (30-Jun-2010): And for a private rose garden ritual
DR-1049 (01-Jul-2010): Pain, shame and atonement
DR-1050 (02-Jul-2010): The hero who ran away
DR-1051 (05-Jul-2010): Charonta-lamba
DR-1052 (06-Jul-2010): After the apology
DR-1053 (07-Jul-2010): Ben and Daniella drink their tea
DR-1054 (08-Jul-2010): Ben and Daniella take a breather
DR-1055 (09-Jul-2010): More tea
DR-1056 (12-Jul-2010): So this is married life
DR-1057 (13-Jul-2010): And even Mary’s weekend was in tents
DR-1058 (14-Jul-2010): Wagon tales
DR-1059 (15-Jul-2010): Cum scientia caritas
DR-1060 (16-Jul-2010): Blue food is out of place in married life
DR-1061 (19-Jul-2010): A morning run is part of married life
DR-1062 (20-Jul-2010): I survived a cardiac arrest
DR-1063 (21-Jul-2010): Stable horse
DR-1064 (22-Jul-2010): The way she said it
DR-1065 (23-Jul-2010): Sew far, sew good, this thing called married life
DR-1066 (26-Jul-2010): And one in the eye for the doctor
DR-1067 (27-Jul-2010): Fit as a buck rat
DR-1068 (28-Jul-2010): Dynamic health can drag a little
DR-1069 (29-Jul-2010): Dentist with open eyes
DR-1070 (30-Jul-2010): Quiet night in
DR-1071 (02-Aug-2010): Bloody mosquito
DR-1072 (03-Aug-2010): Sweet-talking mosquito
DR-1073 (04-Aug-2010): Diagnostic mosquito
DR-1074 (05-Aug-2010): Sweeti bear
DR-1075 (06-Aug-2010): Grizzly diet
DR-1076 (09-Aug-2010): Gopher the elbows
DR-1077 (10-Aug-2010): A lesson in dishonest politicians
DR-1078 (11-Aug-2010): Cholesteroo
DR-1079 (12-Aug-2010): Tie massage
DR-1080 (13-Aug-2010): Sweet Wilbur learns to live with diabetes
DR-1081 (16-Aug-2010): A survey says they’re cynical, not stupid
DR-1082 (17-Aug-2010): A jar not open
DR-1083 (18-Aug-2010): Finger nose
DR-1084 (19-Aug-2010): Kookaburra in form. To the memory of Gerard Piper
DR-1085 (20-Aug-2010): Meat and greet a chef in the flesh
DR-1086 (23-Aug-2010): Lorna thinks outside the box
DR-1087 (24-Aug-2010): He’s a hoofer not a texter
DR-1088 (25-Aug-2010): A squid with a leg asleep
DR-1089 (26-Aug-2010): Burnt goat is cool
DR-1090 (27-Aug-2010): Video game night for Ben and Danni
DR-1091 (30-Aug-2010): Video game night hangover for newlyweds
DR-1092 (31-Aug-2010): Video game driving them to distraction
DR-1093 (01-Sep-2010): Video game leaving them wrecked
DR-1094 (02-Sep-2010): This is a kiss
DR-1095 (03-Sep-2010): It started with a kiss
DR-1096 (06-Sep-2010): The lock of love
DR-1097 (07-Sep-2010): Sealed with a kiss
DR-1098 (08-Sep-2010): You took the words right out of my mouth
DR-1099 (09-Sep-2010): Here, there and everywhere
DR-1100 (10-Sep-2010): Vision of a kiss
DR-1101 (13-Sep-2010): Kiss off
DR-1102 (14-Sep-2010): Hold me, thrill me, kiss me
DR-1103 (15-Sep-2010): Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
DR-1104 (16-Sep-2010): Kiss and tell
DR-1105 (17-Sep-2010): You must remember this
DR-1106 (20-Sep-2010): I love you too
DR-1107 (21-Sep-2010): Big hoppin’ trouble
DR-1108 (22-Sep-2010): Don’t say it aloud
DR-1109 (23-Sep-2010): Bankrant pool plobber
DR-1110 (24-Sep-2010): Bankrant pool plobber, the cocktail
DR-1111 (27-Sep-2010): Future medicine 2050
DR-1112 (28-Sep-2010): Lolwhale
DR-1113 (29-Sep-2010): Just a fluke
DR-1114 (30-Sep-2010): The otter gotta keep it up
DR-1115 (01-Oct-2010): A sleepy old koala makes it clear
DR-1116 (04-Oct-2010): A bird who eats like a horse
DR-1117 (05-Oct-2010): A bird who wears travel socks
DR-1118 (06-Oct-2010): A bird who drops off a sample
DR-1119 (07-Oct-2010): A bird who wears a backward beak
DR-1120 (08-Oct-2010): A bird attitude to the furniture
DR-1121 (11-Oct-2010): Communication issue
DR-1122 (12-Oct-2010): A joey for a mother kangaroo’s figure
DR-1123 (13-Oct-2010): Snake star shape sequence
DR-1124 (14-Oct-2010): Worsening bronchitis
DR-1125 (15-Oct-2010): Inconvenient paperwork
DR-1126 (18-Oct-2010): The last of the death certificates
DR-1127 (19-Oct-2010): Timing is everything
DR-1128 (20-Oct-2010): Ingrown hare
DR-1129 (21-Oct-2010): Her knee job – an alternative approach
DR-1130 (22-Oct-2010): A motivated diabetic diet
DR-1131 (25-Oct-2010): Awesome Possum, good 4-Nothing
DR-1132 (26-Oct-2010): Awesome Possum, thanks 4-Nothing
DR-1133 (27-Oct-2010): Awesome Possum, counts 4-Nothing
DR-1134 (28-Oct-2010): Awesome Possum, all 4-Nothing
DR-1135 (29-Oct-2010): Awesome Possum, sum 4-Nothing
DR-1136 (01-Nov-2010): A snake who stretches to a colonoscopy
DR-1137 (02-Nov-2010): A goat, a coat, an X-ray and a hanger
DR-1138 (03-Nov-2010): An oval anti-ageing overdose
DR-1139 (04-Nov-2010): A camera, a computer and a Pap
DR-1140 (05-Nov-2010): A billboard and a product and a spam
DR-1141 (08-Nov-2010): Husband and wife, Ben gets it right
DR-1142 (09-Nov-2010): Husband and wife, wait a year for children
DR-1143 (10-Nov-2010): Husband and wife, it’s a miracle
DR-1144 (11-Nov-2010): Husband and wife, on-line literature search
DR-1145 (12-Nov-2010): Husband and wife, toad and pigeon
DR-1146 (15-Nov-2010): Mondo Venezio – first orders
DR-1147 (16-Nov-2010): Mondo Venezio – not too much alcohol
DR-1148 (17-Nov-2010): Mondo Venezio – she was a punk
DR-1149 (18-Nov-2010): Mondo Venezio – she’s had regrets
DR-1150 (19-Nov-2010): Mondo Venezio – she was saved and healed
DR-1151 (22-Nov-2010): Mondo Venezio morning after – I’m real crook, Doc
DR-1152 (23-Nov-2010): Saturday morning, Daniella plans to see the doctor
DR-1153 (24-Nov-2010): Ben and Danni in the waiting room
DR-1154 (25-Nov-2010): Ben in the waiting room
DR-1155 (26-Nov-2010): Danni expecting
DR-1156 (29-Nov-2010): Pregnancy – change of plans and yeehaaa
DR-1157 (30-Nov-2010): Pregnancy – window shopping
DR-1158 (01-Dec-2010): Pregnancy – in a spin
DR-1159 (02-Dec-2010): Pregnancy – the patter of tiny feet
DR-1160 (03-Dec-2010): Pregnancy – cake and soft toy mobile
DR-1161 (06-Dec-2010): Children – thousands of flies at a time
DR-1162 (07-Dec-2010): Children – natural birthing for dolphins
DR-1163 (08-Dec-2010): Children – nappy changing for an octopus
DR-1164 (09-Dec-2010): Children – mantis daddy gone num num
DR-1165 (10-Dec-2010): Dung beetle factory outlet
DR-1166 (13-Dec-2010): That’s mobility
DR-1167 (14-Dec-2010): Chair bound
DR-1168 (15-Dec-2010): Chair fast
DR-1169 (16-Dec-2010): Caterpillar chair
DR-1170 (17-Dec-2010): Where there’s a wheel
DR-1171 (20-Dec-2010): Christmas with Mel and Max 1
DR-1172 (21-Dec-2010): Christmas with Mel and Max 2
DR-1173 (22-Dec-2010): Christmas with Mel and Max 3
DR-1174 (23-Dec-2010): Christmas with Mel and Max 4
DR-1175 (24-Dec-2010): Christmas with Mel and Max 5
DR-1176 (27-Dec-2010): Last lap 1
DR-1177 (28-Dec-2010): Last lap 2
DR-1178 (29-Dec-2010): Last lap 3
DR-1179 (30-Dec-2010): Last lap 4
DR-1180 (31-Dec-2010): Last lap 5
DR-1181 (03-Jan-2011): Marsupial scan show off
DR-1182 (04-Jan-2011): Catarrh hero
DR-1183 (05-Jan-2011): A snail – a gastropod without a gait
DR-1184 (06-Jan-2011): A bird who caught a bug
DR-1185 (07-Jan-2011): Memory test – three new words
DR-1186 (10-Jan-2011): French 101
DR-1187 (11-Jan-2011): Excuse my French
DR-1188 (12-Jan-2011): French connection
DR-1189 (13-Jan-2011): French kiss
DR-1190 (14-Jan-2011): French toast
DR-1191 (17-Jan-2011): French lesson
DR-1192 (18-Jan-2011): French revolution
DR-1193 (19-Jan-2011): French coffee
DR-1194 (20-Jan-2011): You can’t hide your lying vibes
DR-1195 (21-Jan-2011): He let slip three little words
DR-1196 (24-Jan-2011): Conjugate your rabbit verbs
DR-1197 (25-Jan-2011): Impolite rabbit words
DR-1198 (26-Jan-2011): And secret and forbidden rabbit words
DR-1199 (27-Jan-2011): But less than wholly truthful rabbit words
DR-1200 (28-Jan-2011): The use of the gerund by a rabbit
DR-1201 (31-Jan-2011): The kid who gets her iron from eating game
DR-1202 (01-Feb-2011): Horse fly puns are the best medicine
DR-1203 (02-Feb-2011): Jarrad gets stuff from his grandma
DR-1204 (03-Feb-2011): Romantic song, or spook story?
DR-1205 (04-Feb-2011): Dragon breath
DR-1206 (07-Feb-2011): Flood appeal
DR-1207 (08-Feb-2011): Rubber duck
DR-1208 (09-Feb-2011): A spider with a spinning head
DR-1209 (10-Feb-2011): Drug rep has exciting news
DR-1210 (11-Feb-2011): Drug rep makes a patent admission
DR-1211 (14-Feb-2011): Drug rep introduces Slo-Caps
DR-1212 (15-Feb-2011): Drug rep regrets Handi-Caps
DR-1213 (16-Feb-2011): Marketing Floor regrets Handi-Caps
DR-1214 (17-Feb-2011): Marketing Floor and the fear of letting go
DR-1215 (18-Feb-2011): Marketing Floor gets new and saner staff
DR-1216 (21-Feb-2011): Type 1 alphabetes
DR-1217 (22-Feb-2011): Prickly spiny anteater
DR-1218 (23-Feb-2011): The two old ladies bring up doctors’ hygiene
DR-1219 (24-Feb-2011): Ectopics
DR-1220 (25-Feb-2011): Babies on board
DR-1221 (28-Feb-2011): A rabbit-wolf in shape and size and smell
DR-1222 (01-Mar-2011): Connected to a noble family
DR-1223 (02-Mar-2011): It’s fun until the novelty wears off
DR-1224 (03-Mar-2011): Maintaining contact with a pack of wolves
DR-1225 (04-Mar-2011): It’s not a competition, Daniella
DR-1226 (07-Mar-2011): So Jasmine just mislays a baby bunny
DR-1227 (08-Mar-2011): Her husband is a wolf in need of meat
DR-1228 (09-Mar-2011): And now she’s lost her little girl Zahara
DR-1229 (10-Mar-2011): A lion cub, the circle is complete
DR-1230 (11-Mar-2011): Bye bye, Zahara
DR-1231 (14-Mar-2011): A general check-up and a gentle probe
DR-1232 (15-Mar-2011): An investigation in greater depth
DR-1233 (16-Mar-2011): You fink I dunnit!
DR-1234 (17-Mar-2011): The doctor is held to account
DR-1235 (18-Mar-2011): I’d do it for me kids
DR-1236 (21-Mar-2011): The fox went out on a chilly night
DR-1237 (22-Mar-2011): He prayed for the moon to give him light
DR-1238 (23-Mar-2011): For he’d many a mile to go that night
DR-1239 (24-Mar-2011): A couple of you will grease my chin
DR-1240 (25-Mar-2011): There were the little ones, eight, nine, ten
DR-1241 (28-Mar-2011): They never had such a supper in their life
DR-1242 (29-Mar-2011): And the little ones chewed on the bones-o
DR-1243 (30-Mar-2011): ‘Cause it must be a mighty fine town-o
DR-1244 (31-Mar-2011): Subject closed, okay?
DR-1245 (01-Apr-2011): Life goes on
DR-1246 (04-Apr-2011): Goat kids numbers one and two
DR-1247 (05-Apr-2011): Goat kids sibling rivalry
DR-1248 (06-Apr-2011): Goat kid eschews books
DR-1249 (07-Apr-2011): Pippie and the stocktaker
DR-1250 (08-Apr-2011): Pippie and the stockbroker
DR-1251 (11-Apr-2011): Ben and Daniella, feeling down, let it out
DR-1252 (12-Apr-2011): Flopsy and Jasmine, after the quiet word
DR-1253 (13-Apr-2011): Flopsy dreaming, running
DR-1254 (14-Apr-2011): Flopsy dreaming, eating
DR-1255 (15-Apr-2011): Daniella sharpens teeth
DR-1256 (18-Apr-2011): Emergency chest pain by the book
DR-1257 (19-Apr-2011): Chest pain and lose anuvver father
DR-1258 (20-Apr-2011): Ben takes Flopsy down
DR-1259 (21-Apr-2011): Talk of Jasmine Down(discussed here)
DR-1260 (22-Apr-2011): Flopsy turns into a wolf
DR-1261 (25-Apr-2011): Who dreams of running with the pack
DR-1262 (26-Apr-2011): But didn’t want to hurt the cubs
DR-1263 (27-Apr-2011): So gave away his legacy(discussed here)
DR-1264 (28-Apr-2011): And feeling better now than dead
DR-1265 (29-Apr-2011): Hey, meat-eater…(discussed here)
DR-1266 (02-May-2011): Enter the rat
DR-1267 (03-May-2011): Training for blue, kicking for two(discussed here)
DR-1268 (04-May-2011): Rat secret language, teeth chitter(discussed here)
DR-1269 (05-May-2011): Bit higher, dummy(discussed here)
DR-1270 (06-May-2011): Sparring couple(discussed here)
DR-1271 (09-May-2011): Pat the tiger brings flowers(discussed here)
DR-1272 (10-May-2011): They’re beautiful
DR-1273 (11-May-2011): Come to the island raceway
DR-1274 (12-May-2011): Rat race
DR-1275 (13-May-2011): From her to fraternity
DR-1276 (16-May-2011): Circuit and see
DR-1277 (17-May-2011): Saddle up my Ducati, honey
DR-1278 (18-May-2011): Straighten up and floor it
DR-1279 (19-May-2011): Straighten up and flora
DR-1280 (20-May-2011): Danni’s bad dream of camberwell(discussed here)
DR-1281 (23-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – the introduction(discussed here)
DR-1282 (24-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – how he and Jasmine met
DR-1283 (25-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – growing interested in rabbits
DR-1284 (26-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – three years ago
DR-1285 (27-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – no Mister Rabbit
DR-1286 (30-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – may Hopforth grant
DR-1287 (31-May-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – camberwell is a foxhole
DR-1288 (01-Jun-2011): Flopsy’s counselling – practical action heroes
DR-1289 (02-Jun-2011): Tae kwon do – baby blue
DR-1290 (03-Jun-2011): Tae kwon do – girlie pink
DR-1291 (06-Jun-2011): Driveway stopper
DR-1292 (07-Jun-2011): A shadow of the past
DR-1293 (08-Jun-2011): Bearing the burden of truth
DR-1294 (09-Jun-2011): Off on a fishing weekend
DR-1295 (10-Jun-2011): Three men and a Babel(discussed here)
DR-1296 (13-Jun-2011): Memories of pillow talk
DR-1297 (14-Jun-2011): I love jazz! – comfort stop
DR-1298 (15-Jun-2011): Jazz and fishing
DR-1299 (16-Jun-2011): Fly fishing(discussed here)
DR-1300 (17-Jun-2011): Lines of counselling
DR-1301 (20-Jun-2011): Hanging Drop – silence is golden
DR-1302 (21-Jun-2011): Hanging Drop – this guy’s in love
DR-1303 (22-Jun-2011): Hanging Drop – yesterday man
DR-1304 (23-Jun-2011): Hanging Drop – the wind cries I Love Jaz(discussed here)
DR-1305 (24-Jun-2011): Hanging Drop – stay with me
DR-1306 (27-Jun-2011): Panic at Hanging Drop(discussed here)
DR-1307 (28-Jun-2011): Peacenik at Hanging Drop(discussed here)
DR-1308 (29-Jun-2011): Pinch-kick at Hanging Drop(discussed here)
DR-1309 (30-Jun-2011): Pancake at Hanging Drop(discussed here)
DR-1310 (01-Jul-2011): Punchup at Hanging Drop(discussed here)
DR-1311 (04-Jul-2011): Patchup at Hanging Drop
DR-1312 (05-Jul-2011): Flopsy bunny’s grim and secret tale
DR-1313 (06-Jul-2011): Passion is the secret of survival
DR-1314 (07-Jul-2011): Daniella’s bunny secret’s out
DR-1315 (08-Jul-2011): More sad than being eaten by a cat
DR-1316 (11-Jul-2011): Jazz grates
DR-1317 (12-Jul-2011): Texter culler
DR-1318 (13-Jul-2011): Extant emergent
DR-1319 (14-Jul-2011): Pack back
DR-1320 (15-Jul-2011): Double up
DR-1321 (18-Jul-2011): On the brink
DR-1322 (19-Jul-2011): The last piece of the puzzle(discussed here)
DR-1323 (20-Jul-2011): Shut up
DR-1324 (21-Jul-2011): Back down(discussed here)
DR-1325 (22-Jul-2011): Health summit
DR-1326 (25-Jul-2011): Morning reflections(discussed here)
DR-1327 (26-Jul-2011): Wolf clan plan(discussed here)
DR-1328 (27-Jul-2011): About last night
DR-1329 (28-Jul-2011): Phone book, net return(discussed here)
DR-1330 (29-Jul-2011): Moving on, looking forward(discussed here)
DR-1331 (01-Aug-2011): Eye to eye(discussed here)
DR-1332 (02-Aug-2011): Stare way to heaven(discussed here)
DR-1333 (03-Aug-2011): Bit sick, in thick(discussed here)
DR-1334 (04-Aug-2011): Ladies’ excuse me(discussed here)
DR-1335 (05-Aug-2011): To the Viktor
DR-1336 (08-Aug-2011): It’s wolf stuff
DR-1337 (09-Aug-2011): Drive straight home
DR-1338 (10-Aug-2011): Last patient of the day(discussed here)
DR-1339 (11-Aug-2011): Pat’s back
DR-1340 (12-Aug-2011): Back log(discussed here)
DR-1341 (15-Aug-2011): The wolf-rules tournament(discussed here)
DR-1342 (16-Aug-2011): The biggest gamble of them all(discussed here)
DR-1343 (17-Aug-2011): Caused a fight(discussed here)
DR-1344 (18-Aug-2011): Kill the messenger
DR-1345 (19-Aug-2011): End message(discussed here)
DR-1346 (22-Aug-2011): We’ve got to rescue her
DR-1347 (23-Aug-2011): Keep it tish-tish(discussed here)
DR-1348 (24-Aug-2011): Drive like the wind(discussed here)
DR-1349 (25-Aug-2011): Two-round champion
DR-1350 (26-Aug-2011): Viktor victorious
DR-1351 (29-Aug-2011): Viktor’s speech(discussed here)
DR-1352 (30-Aug-2011): Alpha bettered
DR-1353 (31-Aug-2011): Back for the babies(discussed here)
DR-1354 (01-Sep-2011): Run like ‘ell
DR-1355 (02-Sep-2011): Chased(discussed here)
DR-1356 (05-Sep-2011): Outrun(discussed here)
DR-1357 (06-Sep-2011): Gotcha
DR-1358 (07-Sep-2011): Ride me(discussed here)
DR-1359 (08-Sep-2011): Wolfrider(discussed here)
DR-1360 (09-Sep-2011): A maze in(discussed here)
DR-1361 (12-Sep-2011): Straight into the danger zone(discussed here)
DR-1362 (13-Sep-2011): Hold it right there(discussed here)
DR-1363 (14-Sep-2011): All in trouble(discussed here)
DR-1364 (15-Sep-2011): To the end(discussed here)
DR-1365 (16-Sep-2011): The noose tightens(discussed here)
DR-1366 (19-Sep-2011): The last healer(discussed here)
DR-1367 (20-Sep-2011): The video of this(discussed here)
DR-1368 (21-Sep-2011): I love you, and goodbye(discussed here)
DR-1369 (22-Sep-2011): In fin veritas(discussed here)
DR-1370 (23-Sep-2011): The rats are going to save us(discussed here)
DR-1371 (26-Sep-2011): One whack(discussed here)
DR-1372 (27-Sep-2011): Viktor vanquished(discussed here)
DR-1373 (28-Sep-2011): Video submission(discussed here)
DR-1374 (29-Sep-2011): He can kiss his pack goodbye(discussed here)
DR-1375 (30-Sep-2011): Flopsy was here, passing comment(discussed here)
DR-1376 (03-Oct-2011): Doc and Daniella, fank you for saving us(discussed here)
DR-1377 (04-Oct-2011): Tiger lands(discussed here)
DR-1378 (05-Oct-2011): The boss gets the picture(discussed here)
DR-1379 (06-Oct-2011): Cover up
DR-1380 (07-Oct-2011): Occlusion(discussed here)
DR-1381 (10-Oct-2011): Ben and Daniella are invited to tea(discussed here)
DR-1382 (11-Oct-2011): Baby bunnies are off the menu(discussed here)
DR-1383 (12-Oct-2011): I’m all right, Jack(discussed here)
DR-1384 (13-Oct-2011): A walking, talking legal precedent(discussed here)
DR-1385 (14-Oct-2011): Lord Lockley, Danni’s scared of him and ow(discussed here)
DR-1386 (17-Oct-2011): The residence of Lord and Lady Lockley(discussed here)
DR-1387 (18-Oct-2011): Bladder emergency
DR-1388 (19-Oct-2011): Just a closer walk with thee
DR-1389 (20-Oct-2011): Ben and Flopsy’s post and anti-mortem
DR-1390 (21-Oct-2011): Pat and his old factory recording(discussed here)
DR-1391 (24-Oct-2011): Meet cousin Fortescue(discussed here)
DR-1392 (25-Oct-2011): You can’t fool Monty or Penelope(discussed here)
DR-1393 (26-Oct-2011): Silly Jasmine done the wrong fing(discussed here)
DR-1394 (27-Oct-2011): Shut up, Fortescue(discussed here)
DR-1395 (28-Oct-2011): You shouldn’t want to hurt anybody!(discussed here)
DR-1396 (31-Oct-2011): Flopsy’s moving up with rabbit feet
DR-1397 (01-Nov-2011): To become a hephna(discussed here)
DR-1398 (02-Nov-2011): You’ll never control me
DR-1399 (03-Nov-2011): Snared(discussed here)
DR-1400 (04-Nov-2011): Now, that was quite a carrot to unearth(discussed here)
DR-1401 (07-Nov-2011): Danni tried and failed(discussed here)
DR-1402 (08-Nov-2011): Montague capitulates(discussed here)
DR-1403 (09-Nov-2011): The road goes up a hill
DR-1404 (10-Nov-2011): Monty and Ben – One tokay over the line(discussed here)
DR-1405 (11-Nov-2011): Monty audio
DR-1406 (14-Nov-2011): Chess testing
DR-1407 (15-Nov-2011): Five hundred(discussed here)
DR-1408 (16-Nov-2011): …a month(discussed here)
DR-1409 (17-Nov-2011): Monty’s humour(discussed here)
DR-1410 (18-Nov-2011): Monty brightens, plying purpose(discussed here)
DR-1411 (21-Nov-2011): Winning the peace(discussed here)
DR-1412 (22-Nov-2011): Dead parity(discussed here)
DR-1413 (23-Nov-2011): The pawn identity(discussed here)
DR-1414 (24-Nov-2011): Thoroughly muffled rabbit(discussed here)
DR-1415 (25-Nov-2011): World peace – the full Monty
DR-1416 (28-Nov-2011): Noble lie(discussed here)
DR-1417 (29-Nov-2011): Lord Lockley with the chess set in the library(discussed here)
DR-1418 (30-Nov-2011): Playing peace
DR-1419 (01-Dec-2011): Do not accept the world(discussed here)
DR-1420 (02-Dec-2011): Penny for his thoughts(discussed here)
DR-1421 (05-Dec-2011): Clang(discussed here)
DR-1422 (06-Dec-2011): Flop(discussed here)
DR-1423 (07-Dec-2011): Belly(discussed here)
DR-1424 (08-Dec-2011): Scan(discussed here)
DR-1425 (09-Dec-2011): Fin
DR-1426 (12-Dec-2011): Greatest(discussed here)
DR-1427 (13-Dec-2011): Abacus, the past of medicine(discussed here)
DR-1428 (14-Dec-2011): The typo is his, not hurse
DR-1429 (15-Dec-2011): Sore flamin’ throat(discussed here)
DR-1430 (16-Dec-2011): Addressing her memory(discussed here)
DR-1431 (19-Dec-2011): Stone age medicine
DR-1432 (20-Dec-2011): Woke up this mornin’ blues(discussed here)
DR-1433 (21-Dec-2011): Diagnosis blues
DR-1434 (22-Dec-2011): Hands off my medical body parts(discussed here)
DR-1435 (23-Dec-2011): Specialists of Middle Earth(discussed here)
DR-1436 (26-Dec-2011): xPhone
DR-1437 (27-Dec-2011): Little Donovan’s power play(discussed here)
DR-1438 (28-Dec-2011): Buoy meets gull
DR-1439 (29-Dec-2011): No food or drink(discussed here)
DR-1440 (30-Dec-2011): A new hop(discussed here)
DR-1441 (02-Jan-2012): Lorna on old rabbits(discussed here)
DR-1442 (03-Jan-2012): Mechanical plant replacement(discussed here)
DR-1443 (04-Jan-2012): Doctor, I talk in my sleep(discussed here)
DR-1444 (05-Jan-2012): A small bugle doesn’t mean the last post(discussed here)
DR-1445 (06-Jan-2012): Ditmar’s ATP award(discussed here)
DR-1446 (09-Jan-2012): A weak awareness of awareness week(discussed here)
DR-1447 (10-Jan-2012): Discomfort-a-bull(discussed here)
DR-1448 (11-Jan-2012): Angry eye(discussed here)
DR-1449 (12-Jan-2012): E-mail antler tablet disappointment(discussed here)
DR-1450 (13-Jan-2012): Bug fry tan solarium(discussed here)
DR-1451 (16-Jan-2012): Presenting with ursine(discussed here)
DR-1452 (17-Jan-2012): Zebra needle target(discussed here)
DR-1453 (18-Jan-2012): Thymifolia down, sport(discussed here)
DR-1454 (19-Jan-2012): Gone back for a look(discussed here)
DR-1455 (20-Jan-2012): Lorna’s comedy timing(discussed here)
DR-1456 (23-Jan-2012): Zappo-S*X – New formulation(discussed here)
DR-1457 (24-Jan-2012): Zappo-S*X – Expecting big things
DR-1458 (25-Jan-2012): Zappo-S*X – The Internet has spoken
DR-1459 (26-Jan-2012): Zappo-S*X – The Internet’s gone berserk
DR-1460 (27-Jan-2012): Zappo-S*X – It just blew up
DR-1461 (30-Jan-2012): Big grossing movie title(discussed here)
DR-1462 (31-Jan-2012): What colour is the bear? 1(discussed here)
DR-1463 (01-Feb-2012): What colour is the bear? 2(discussed here)
DR-1464 (02-Feb-2012): What colour is the bear? 3(discussed here)
DR-1465 (03-Feb-2012): Specialist or just a GP?(discussed here)
DR-1466 (06-Feb-2012): Coaching Flopsy 1(discussed here)
DR-1467 (07-Feb-2012): Coaching Flopsy 2
DR-1468 (08-Feb-2012): Coaching Flopsy 3
DR-1469 (09-Feb-2012): Coaching Flopsy 4
DR-1470 (10-Feb-2012): Coaching Flopsy 5(discussed here)
DR-1471 (13-Feb-2012): Secret healing 1
DR-1472 (14-Feb-2012): Secret healing 2
DR-1473 (15-Feb-2012): Secret healing 3
DR-1474 (16-Feb-2012): Secret healing 4
DR-1475 (17-Feb-2012): Secret healing 5
DR-1476 (20-Feb-2012): Mondo No-go 1(discussed here)
DR-1477 (21-Feb-2012): Mondo No-go 2
DR-1478 (22-Feb-2012): Mondo No-go 3(discussed here)
DR-1479 (23-Feb-2012): Mondo No-go 4(discussed here)
DR-1480 (24-Feb-2012): Mondo No-go 5(discussed here)
DR-1481 (27-Feb-2012): Mondo No-go 6(discussed here)
DR-1482 (28-Feb-2012): Mondo Go-go 7(discussed here)
DR-1483 (29-Feb-2012): Mondo No-know 8
DR-1484 (01-Mar-2012): Mondo Whoa-woe 9
DR-1485 (02-Mar-2012): Mondo Ry-no 10(discussed here)
DR-1486 (05-Mar-2012): Welcome to Mondo Venezio(discussed here)
DR-1487 (06-Mar-2012): May I suggest the Krug?
DR-1488 (07-Mar-2012): It’s quite excellent champagne(discussed here)
DR-1489 (08-Mar-2012): We now have permission to talk secrets
DR-1490 (09-Mar-2012): What keeps a khambwúl underground(discussed here)
DR-1491 (12-Mar-2012): That night, she gave the strongest testament(discussed here)
DR-1492 (13-Mar-2012): In rabbit language, 87 words(discussed here)
DR-1493 (14-Mar-2012): The Chateau Mouton Rothschild is the one(discussed here)
DR-1494 (15-Mar-2012): The waiter just uncorked the 66(discussed here)
DR-1495 (16-Mar-2012): It’s Lord and Lady Lockley’s little joke
DR-1496 (19-Mar-2012): The waiting staff will wait in line for science(discussed here)
DR-1497 (20-Mar-2012): It only took a word to save the world(discussed here)
DR-1498 (21-Mar-2012): And Danni’s belly’s talking from her heart(discussed here)
DR-1499 (22-Mar-2012): About the secret children that she lost
DR-1500 (23-Mar-2012): The claret revolutionary bides
DR-1501 (26-Mar-2012): And Ben’s so bought, he comes with a receipt(discussed here)
DR-1502 (27-Mar-2012): Garconified – exposed for twenty points(discussed here)
DR-1503 (28-Mar-2012): And now the rat has got his catty tongue(discussed here)
DR-1504 (29-Mar-2012): An entry to the Midnight Ruby Club(discussed here)
DR-1505 (30-Mar-2012): Toasted cheese (an Endtown recognition)
DR-1506 (02-Apr-2012): Very, very extraordinary(discussed here)
DR-1507 (03-Apr-2012): Shove the perfect life, no empathy
DR-1508 (04-Apr-2012): The clever one, say the old voices of the family(discussed here)
DR-1509 (05-Apr-2012): Danni loved Russell, he flew her to the moon
DR-1510 (06-Apr-2012): Danni’s boy
DR-1511 (09-Apr-2012): Shut up, Mum (She’s not there anymore)(discussed here)
DR-1512 (10-Apr-2012): Mr Better, etc
DR-1513 (11-Apr-2012): Danni’s inferno(discussed here)
DR-1514 (12-Apr-2012): A kiss to build a dream on(discussed here)
DR-1515 (13-Apr-2012): Spectacular mistake
DR-1516 (16-Apr-2012): What a wonderful world(discussed here)
DR-1517 (17-Apr-2012): Cry me a river(discussed here)
DR-1518 (18-Apr-2012): What is this thing called love?(discussed here)
DR-1519 (19-Apr-2012): Mercy mercy mercy
DR-1520 (20-Apr-2012): Mood indigo(discussed here)
DR-1521 (23-Apr-2012): Someone to watch over me(discussed here)
DR-1522 (24-Apr-2012): Autumn leaves(discussed here)
DR-1523 (25-Apr-2012): Tear(discussed here)
DR-1524 (26-Apr-2012): Scar
DR-1525 (27-Apr-2012): Survivor(discussed here)
DR-1526 (30-Apr-2012): Break(discussed here)
DR-1527 (01-May-2012): Return
DR-1528 (02-May-2012): Mistakes
DR-1529 (03-May-2012): Control(discussed here)
DR-1530 (04-May-2012): Danni’s song(discussed here)
DR-1531 (07-May-2012): The Man I Love
DR-1532 (08-May-2012): Everything(discussed here)
DR-1533 (09-May-2012): Three little words
DR-1534 (10-May-2012): A new song(discussed here)
DR-1535 (11-May-2012): No more blues
DR-1536 (14-May-2012): I’m going back home
DR-1537 (15-May-2012): Nothing but happiness(discussed here)
DR-1538 (16-May-2012): Google guts(discussed here)
DR-1539 (17-May-2012): The low-crab diet(discussed here)
DR-1540 (18-May-2012): Wilbur’s productive cough(discussed here)
DR-1541 (21-May-2012): The power of the anti-oxidant(discussed here)
DR-1542 (22-May-2012): Wilbur’s spiked drink(discussed here)
DR-1543 (23-May-2012): Caw exercises(discussed here)
DR-1544 (24-May-2012): A gastropodic tonsilloscopy(discussed here)
DR-1545 (25-May-2012): He’s lucky to escape the fasting fist(discussed here)
DR-1546 (28-May-2012): The oriental anti-oxidant(discussed here)
DR-1547 (29-May-2012): You can’t massage a spiny thorny devil(discussed here)
DR-1548 (30-May-2012): Dyslexia displayed in his low voice(discussed here)
DR-1549 (31-May-2012): A rat inverted by invertebrate(discussed here)
DR-1550 (01-Jun-2012): Not the Greek election(discussed here)
DR-1551 (04-Jun-2012): Strong, isn’t it? 1(discussed here)
DR-1552 (05-Jun-2012): Strong, isn’t it? 2(discussed here)
DR-1553 (06-Jun-2012): Strong, isn’t it? 3(discussed here)
DR-1554 (07-Jun-2012): Strong, isn’t it? 4(discussed here)
DR-1555 (08-Jun-2012): Strong, isn’t it? 5(discussed here)
DR-1556 (11-Jun-2012): Nichaud, the bloated kid(discussed here)
DR-1557 (12-Jun-2012): Donovan is carried away by dogma
DR-1558 (13-Jun-2012): Mandy’s yoga is sole food
DR-1559 (14-Jun-2012): Lev Headland is an eagle of few talons(discussed here)
DR-1560 (15-Jun-2012): Ora-bull laxative(discussed here)
DR-1561 (18-Jun-2012): Travel advice – that’s the shot(discussed here)
DR-1562 (19-Jun-2012): Travel advice – hidden in plain view(discussed here)
DR-1563 (20-Jun-2012): Travel advice – jet lag
DR-1564 (21-Jun-2012): Travel advice – blood pressure
DR-1565 (22-Jun-2012): Eat your puffin stuff(discussed here)
DR-1566 (25-Jun-2012): Results with a phoney alarm(discussed here)
DR-1567 (26-Jun-2012): A tamandua with a tongue tie(discussed here)
DR-1568 (27-Jun-2012): Squid marks(discussed here)
DR-1569 (28-Jun-2012): Game gone(discussed here)
DR-1570 (29-Jun-2012): Gore game(discussed here)
DR-1571 (02-Jul-2012): Assume the position(discussed here)
DR-1572 (03-Jul-2012): Free rein(discussed here)
DR-1573 (04-Jul-2012): Physical rex(discussed here)
DR-1574 (05-Jul-2012): Needing reading glasses(discussed here)
DR-1575 (06-Jul-2012): A smile of quality(discussed here)
DR-1576 (09-Jul-2012): Cubs in scrubs(discussed here)
DR-1577 (10-Jul-2012): Wilbur’s open saw(discussed here)
DR-1578 (11-Jul-2012): Offspring(discussed here)
DR-1579 (12-Jul-2012): Whole blow(discussed here)
DR-1580 (13-Jul-2012): Virus(discussed here)
DR-1581 (16-Jul-2012): Fever dream 1(discussed here)
DR-1582 (17-Jul-2012): Fever dream 2(discussed here)
DR-1583 (18-Jul-2012): Fever dream 3(discussed here)
DR-1584 (19-Jul-2012): Fever dream 4(discussed here)
DR-1585 (20-Jul-2012): Fever dream 5(discussed here)
DR-1586 (23-Jul-2012): Virus over(discussed here)
DR-1587 (24-Jul-2012): Squeeze my fingers(discussed here)
DR-1588 (25-Jul-2012): Spanish Armadillo(discussed here)
DR-1589 (26-Jul-2012): Clam exam(discussed here)
DR-1590 (27-Jul-2012): Harry the healer’s healer(discussed here)
DR-1591 (30-Jul-2012): Tails it is(discussed here)
DR-1592 (31-Jul-2012): Fielding a recommendation(discussed here)
DR-1593 (01-Aug-2012): Stye, my eye(discussed here)
DR-1594 (02-Aug-2012): Going for gold in tae kwon do(discussed here)
DR-1595 (03-Aug-2012): Their children just do it for kicks(discussed here)
DR-1596 (06-Aug-2012): The Geek games(discussed here)
DR-1597 (07-Aug-2012): Heroes of the games(discussed here)
DR-1598 (08-Aug-2012): Don’t cross the rings of the games(discussed here)
DR-1599 (09-Aug-2012): Go nocturnal for the games(discussed here)
DR-1600 (10-Aug-2012): Inspiration of the games – it IS rocket science(discussed here)
DR-1601 (13-Aug-2012): Jarrad’s bordello personality disorder(discussed here)
DR-1602 (14-Aug-2012): Antlers a-weigh
DR-1603 (15-Aug-2012): The grumpy doctor(discussed here)
DR-1604 (16-Aug-2012): Spot the rebel(discussed here)
DR-1605 (17-Aug-2012): Thank heaven it’s workshopping(discussed here)
DR-1606 (20-Aug-2012): A frog with a pain in the recent foot(discussed here)
DR-1607 (21-Aug-2012): To bluff his way through gynae medicine(discussed here)
DR-1608 (22-Aug-2012): A diagnosis never without hop(discussed here)
DR-1609 (23-Aug-2012): A snail’s D-lighted news on vitamins(discussed here)
DR-1610 (24-Aug-2012): Her liver kidney fat cholesterol(discussed here)
DR-1611 (27-Aug-2012): Ewes by, he spies(discussed here)
DR-1612 (28-Aug-2012): Sweet mole lasses(discussed here)
DR-1613 (29-Aug-2012): Horse shoes – and they’re off(discussed here)
DR-1614 (30-Aug-2012): Duck without taste(discussed here)
DR-1615 (31-Aug-2012): Lorna’s overseas trip(discussed here)
DR-1616 (03-Sep-2012): Allan the flea bus(discussed here)
DR-1617 (04-Sep-2012): Flea bus not booze bus(discussed here)
DR-1618 (05-Sep-2012): Shirl shows how marsupials save their butts(discussed here)
DR-1619 (06-Sep-2012): There’s something going down in Shirl’s pouch(discussed here)
DR-1620 (07-Sep-2012): Shirl and Ben talk(discussed here)
DR-1621 (10-Sep-2012): Jarrad’s pilot comic 1(discussed here)
DR-1622 (11-Sep-2012): Jarrad’s pilot comic 2(discussed here)
DR-1623 (12-Sep-2012): Jarrad’s pilot comic 3(discussed here)
DR-1624 (13-Sep-2012): Jarrad’s pilot comic 4(discussed here)
DR-1625 (14-Sep-2012): Jarrad’s pilot comic 5(discussed here)
DR-1626 (17-Sep-2012): Night recap(discussed here)
DR-1627 (18-Sep-2012): Cold chain(discussed here)
DR-1628 (19-Sep-2012): Saved in the nicotine(discussed here)
DR-1629 (20-Sep-2012): At long last Lily has it off(discussed here)
DR-1630 (21-Sep-2012): I’ll get you to look at Shirl(discussed here)
DR-1631 (24-Sep-2012): Shirl and Ben talk some more out back(discussed here)
DR-1632 (25-Sep-2012): Youse kids go to sleep!(discussed here)
DR-1633 (26-Sep-2012): ACDC or whatever(discussed here)
DR-1634 (27-Sep-2012): Lawfully assimilated(discussed here)
DR-1635 (28-Sep-2012): Erring on the side of safety(discussed here)
DR-1636 (01-Oct-2012): That’s just the way it is(discussed here)
DR-1637 (02-Oct-2012): Check the register(discussed here)
DR-1638 (03-Oct-2012): Deep down she knows it(discussed here)
DR-1639 (04-Oct-2012): Jackson is the grown-up man(discussed here)
DR-1640 (05-Oct-2012): Jarrad wants to fly(discussed here)
DR-1641 (08-Oct-2012): Hungry Planet(discussed here)
DR-1642 (09-Oct-2012): Beware rhino on skateboard(discussed here)
DR-1643 (10-Oct-2012): Civil clash(discussed here)
DR-1644 (11-Oct-2012): A hiding to nothing(discussed here)
DR-1645 (12-Oct-2012): The woman of irony(discussed here)
DR-1646 (15-Oct-2012): After the fall(discussed here)
DR-1647 (16-Oct-2012): Danni is kicking for four(discussed here)
DR-1648 (17-Oct-2012): Ben is a softie(discussed here)
DR-1649 (18-Oct-2012): Head out to the hospital(discussed here)
DR-1650 (19-Oct-2012): It’s yet another visit to the numbats(discussed here)
DR-1651 (22-Oct-2012): He could have done the dressing at the practice(discussed here)
DR-1652 (23-Oct-2012): The fight over the movie(discussed here)
DR-1653 (24-Oct-2012): Video Carnival(discussed here)
DR-1654 (25-Oct-2012): Quilt and remorse(discussed here)
DR-1655 (26-Oct-2012): Thank you for being here(discussed here)
DR-1656 (29-Oct-2012): Shirl throws out the cigarettes(discussed here)
DR-1657 (30-Oct-2012): Brayden’s car turns up(discussed here)
DR-1658 (31-Oct-2012): Two punctures(discussed here)
DR-1659 (01-Nov-2012): The long walk(discussed here)
DR-1660 (02-Nov-2012): Restoration of hope(discussed here)
DR-1661 (05-Nov-2012): Happy fatty salty Hasty Taste(discussed here)
DR-1662 (06-Nov-2012): Happy kiddie ad for Hasty Taste(discussed here)
DR-1663 (07-Nov-2012): Junk integrity with Hasty Taste(discussed here)
DR-1664 (08-Nov-2012): Bunny op – Lorna’s not hungry(discussed here)
DR-1665 (09-Nov-2012): Bunny op – Lorna’s hip (discussed here)
DR-1666 (12-Nov-2012): Where there’s smoke…(discussed here)
DR-1667 (13-Nov-2012): Spirits lift(discussed here)
DR-1668 (14-Nov-2012): Three doctors press the flesh(discussed here)
DR-1669 (15-Nov-2012): Brayden is still supra linguum(discussed here)
DR-1670 (16-Nov-2012): I see you(discussed here)
DR-1671 (19-Nov-2012): The snake is happy to watch and wait(discussed here)
DR-1672 (20-Nov-2012): From time of bite to time of end(discussed here)
DR-1673 (21-Nov-2012): It hurts to live in hope(discussed here)
DR-1674 (22-Nov-2012): Pred-Reddy(discussed here)
DR-1675 (23-Nov-2012): Slither ring(discussed here)
DR-1676 (26-Nov-2012): Snake-ize(discussed here)
DR-1677 (27-Nov-2012): He’s watching what he eats(discussed here)
DR-1678 (28-Nov-2012): Dunn negotiating(discussed here)
DR-1679 (29-Nov-2012): Neil stands(discussed here)
DR-1680 (30-Nov-2012): The long walk 2(discussed here)
DR-1681 (03-Dec-2012): The final deal(discussed here)
DR-1682 (04-Dec-2012): Snake and chips(discussed here)
DR-1683 (05-Dec-2012): Snakes and larders(discussed here)
DR-1684 (06-Dec-2012): Fantastic news for Shirl(discussed here)
DR-1685 (07-Dec-2012): Snake tale(discussed here)
DR-1686 (10-Dec-2012): Ribit robot 1(discussed here)
DR-1687 (11-Dec-2012): Ribit robot 2
DR-1688 (12-Dec-2012): Ribit robot 3(discussed here)
DR-1689 (13-Dec-2012): Ribit robot 4(discussed here)
DR-1690 (14-Dec-2012): Ribit robot 5(discussed here)
DR-1691 (17-Dec-2012): Jarrad and the flight of a child’s imagination(discussed here)
DR-1692 (18-Dec-2012): Ben examines Julian’s scruples(discussed here)
DR-1693 (19-Dec-2012): Julian will keep his hernia(discussed here)
DR-1694 (20-Dec-2012): Tiny cat’s game of you(discussed here)
DR-1695 (21-Dec-2012): Some antivenom for a scorpion(discussed here)
DR-1696 (24-Dec-2012): Bus coasters(discussed here)
DR-1697 (25-Dec-2012): Allan, the mitey lousy flea bus(discussed here)
DR-1698 (26-Dec-2012): The bus gets off the bus(discussed here)
DR-1699 (27-Dec-2012): The mites get off the flea bus(discussed here)
DR-1700 (28-Dec-2012): The mitey flea bus and the happy end(discussed here)
DR-1701 (31-Dec-2012): The return of the woman of irony(discussed here)
DR-1702 (01-Jan-2013): The woman of orange movements(discussed here)
DR-1703 (02-Jan-2013): Snake on the walker(discussed here)
DR-1704 (03-Jan-2013): Lorna’s solace – children are life(discussed here)
DR-1705 (04-Jan-2013): The long walk home(discussed here)
DR-1706 (07-Jan-2013): Julian is deep in thought of numbats(discussed here)
DR-1707 (08-Jan-2013): Who live in an improving area(discussed here)
DR-1708 (09-Jan-2013): The camel has a hunch and off they go(discussed here)
DR-1709 (10-Jan-2013): An unexpected detour for the bus(discussed here)
DR-1710 (11-Jan-2013): And Julian will get off at the park(discussed here)
DR-1711 (14-Jan-2013): Park watch(discussed here)
DR-1712 (15-Jan-2013): Video drop(discussed here)
DR-1713 (16-Jan-2013): Dinner time(discussed here)
DR-1714 (17-Jan-2013): Snake strike(discussed here)
DR-1715 (18-Jan-2013): Hide in here(discussed here)
DR-1716 (21-Jan-2013): Snake missed(discussed here)
DR-1717 (22-Jan-2013): Bitten leg(discussed here)
DR-1718 (23-Jan-2013): You can’t do that(discussed here)
DR-1719 (24-Jan-2013): Bind me up(discussed here)
DR-1720 (25-Jan-2013): Sounds nasty(discussed here)
DR-1721 (28-Jan-2013): Stay calm(discussed here)
DR-1722 (29-Jan-2013): What species(discussed here)
DR-1723 (30-Jan-2013): On my way(discussed here)
DR-1724 (31-Jan-2013): I’ll bite all(discussed here)
DR-1725 (01-Feb-2013): The snake’s food(discussed here)
DR-1726 (04-Feb-2013): No democracy(discussed here)
DR-1727 (05-Feb-2013): Let himself in(discussed here)
DR-1728 (06-Feb-2013): In fang veritas(discussed here)
DR-1729 (07-Feb-2013): Smack(discussed here)
DR-1730 (08-Feb-2013): Turnaround(discussed here)
DR-1731 (11-Feb-2013): Hit by a bus(discussed here)
DR-1732 (12-Feb-2013): Time’s running out(discussed here)
DR-1733 (13-Feb-2013): Call the police(discussed here)
DR-1734 (14-Feb-2013): Someone’s coming(discussed here)
DR-1735 (15-Feb-2013): Trust him(discussed here)
DR-1736 (18-Feb-2013): Medical escort, bit o’ paperwork
DR-1737 (19-Feb-2013): Check the passengers care-flea(discussed here)
DR-1738 (20-Feb-2013): Ready to roll(discussed here)
DR-1739 (21-Feb-2013): Transfer the passengers cooperative-flea(discussed here)
DR-1740 (22-Feb-2013): Attention all termites(discussed here)
DR-1741 (25-Feb-2013): Here come the parents(discussed here)
DR-1742 (26-Feb-2013): Jarrad’s been talking with the police(discussed here)
DR-1743 (27-Feb-2013): Two good(discussed here)
DR-1744 (28-Feb-2013): Jarrad the hero(discussed here)
DR-1745 (01-Mar-2013): Explain when you’re older(discussed here)
DR-1746 (04-Mar-2013): His father was smarter(discussed here)
DR-1747 (05-Mar-2013): Our doctor’s a hero(discussed here)
DR-1748 (06-Mar-2013): More in love(discussed here)
DR-1749 (07-Mar-2013): It’s all true(discussed here)
DR-1750 (08-Mar-2013): No-shirt Sherlock(discussed here)
DR-1751 (11-Mar-2013): Taxi(discussed here)
DR-1752 (12-Mar-2013): Surprise(discussed here)
DR-1753 (13-Mar-2013): Thank you, Doc Rat
DR-1754 (14-Mar-2013): They’ll soon be talking(discussed here)
DR-1755 (15-Mar-2013): I’m in the mood for lard(discussed here)
DR-1756 (18-Mar-2013): Wilbur gets it off his chest(discussed here)
DR-1757 (19-Mar-2013): Long trolley(discussed here)
DR-1758 (20-Mar-2013): End of story(discussed here)
DR-1759 (21-Mar-2013): Bard medicine(discussed here)
DR-1760 (22-Mar-2013): Mavis and the activities of daily living(discussed here)
DR-1761 (25-Mar-2013): A sorry snail with gummed together eyes(discussed here)
DR-1762 (26-Mar-2013): Giraffe who stuck his neck out for a feed(discussed here)
DR-1763 (27-Mar-2013): The phone leaves Mary hanging on the lion(discussed here)
DR-1764 (28-Mar-2013): A kangaroo with tail-end diarrhoea(discussed here)
DR-1765 (29-Mar-2013): Old Lorna does the Easter Bunny stamp(discussed here)
DR-1766 (01-Apr-2013): The Easter Bilby(discussed here)
DR-1767 (02-Apr-2013): English language OMG(discussed here)
DR-1768 (03-Apr-2013): Tall puppy(discussed here)
DR-1769 (04-Apr-2013): Ewe two(discussed here)
DR-1770 (05-Apr-2013): Cookbook(discussed here)
DR-1771 (08-Apr-2013): Network kid(discussed here)
DR-1772 (09-Apr-2013): Research kid(discussed here)
DR-1773 (10-Apr-2013): Koala tea goods(discussed here)
DR-1774 (11-Apr-2013): A billy tea counts(discussed here)
DR-1775 (12-Apr-2013): Discovery kid(discussed here)
DR-1776 (15-Apr-2013): Independence kid(discussed here)
DR-1777 (16-Apr-2013): Peace-tied kid(discussed here)
DR-1778 (17-Apr-2013): No shut?(discussed here)
DR-1779 (18-Apr-2013): Sea kelp(discussed here)
DR-1780 (19-Apr-2013): They also survey(discussed here)
DR-1781 (22-Apr-2013): Electric eel(discussed here)
DR-1782 (23-Apr-2013): Electric sensor 1(discussed here)
DR-1783 (24-Apr-2013): Electric sensor 2(discussed here)
DR-1784 (25-Apr-2013): Electric sensor 3(discussed here)
DR-1785 (26-Apr-2013): Electric sensor 4(discussed here)
DR-1786 (29-Apr-2013): Snot an evil conspiracy(discussed here)
DR-1787 (30-Apr-2013): An elephant who nose where honesty lies(discussed here)
DR-1788 (01-May-2013): Fleet first(discussed here)
DR-1789 (02-May-2013): Receptionist Siobhan is all booked out(discussed here)
DR-1790 (03-May-2013): Daniella’s working long into her term(discussed here)
DR-1791 (06-May-2013): Toothbrush 1(discussed here)
DR-1792 (07-May-2013): Toothbrush 2(discussed here)
DR-1793 (08-May-2013): Toothbrush 3(discussed here)
DR-1794 (09-May-2013): Toothbrush 4(discussed here)
DR-1795 (10-May-2013): Toothbrush 5(discussed here)
DR-1796 (13-May-2013): I know what I’m doing 1(discussed here)
DR-1797 (14-May-2013): I know what I’m doing 2(discussed here)
DR-1798 (15-May-2013): I know what I’m doing 3(discussed here)
DR-1799 (16-May-2013): I know what I’m doing 4(discussed here)
DR-1800 (17-May-2013): I know what I’m doing 5 Vaccination day(discussed here)
DR-1801 (20-May-2013): The case of the flock of sheep 1(discussed here)
DR-1802 (21-May-2013): The case of the flock of sheep 2(discussed here)
DR-1803 (22-May-2013): The case of the flock of sheep 3(discussed here)
DR-1804 (23-May-2013): The case of the flock of sheep 4(discussed here)
DR-1805 (24-May-2013): The case of the flock of sheep 5(discussed here)
DR-1806 (27-May-2013): Sheep Disorder s Clinic(discussed here)
DR-1807 (28-May-2013): The bat that shouldn’t query the giraffe(discussed here)
DR-1808 (29-May-2013): THE END IS NIGH – long-term prophet statement(discussed here)
DR-1809 (30-May-2013): The pressure on an average per cent(discussed here)
DR-1810 (31-May-2013): Napping duck(discussed here)
DR-1811 (03-Jun-2013): The case of the scandal in nomenclature(discussed here)
DR-1812 (04-Jun-2013): The case of the improbable cannon(discussed here)
DR-1813 (05-Jun-2013): The case of the final system(discussed here)
DR-1814 (06-Jun-2013): The case of the gibbon’s foot(discussed here)
DR-1815 (07-Jun-2013): The case of the vanishing Napoleon(discussed here)
DR-1816 (10-Jun-2013): It doesn’t hurt 1(discussed here)
DR-1817 (11-Jun-2013): It doesn’t hurt 2(discussed here)
DR-1818 (12-Jun-2013): It doesn’t hurt 3(discussed here)
DR-1819 (13-Jun-2013): It doesn’t hurt 4(discussed here)
DR-1820 (14-Jun-2013): It doesn’t hurt 5(discussed here)
DR-1821 (17-Jun-2013): Emergency pedant(discussed here)
DR-1822 (18-Jun-2013): The killing cold(discussed here)
DR-1823 (19-Jun-2013): Post smear result(discussed here)
DR-1824 (20-Jun-2013): Free eye pads(discussed here)
DR-1825 (21-Jun-2013): Wilbur gets the shakes(discussed here)
DR-1826 (24-Jun-2013): Doc Rat The Musical 1(discussed here)
DR-1827 (25-Jun-2013): Doc Rat The Musical 2(discussed here)
DR-1828 (26-Jun-2013): Doc Rat The Musical 3(discussed here)
DR-1829 (27-Jun-2013): Doc Rat The Musical 4(discussed here)
DR-1830 (28-Jun-2013): Doc Rat The Musical 5(discussed here)
DR-1831 (01-Jul-2013): Mavis and Elsie talk of passing men(discussed here)
DR-1832 (02-Jul-2013): Mavis and Elsie talk of alighting(discussed here)
DR-1833 (03-Jul-2013): Be where the llama spits(discussed here)
DR-1834 (04-Jul-2013): Jarrad and the million dollar comics(discussed here)
DR-1835 (05-Jul-2013): Enough tablets and pigs might fly, too(discussed here)
DR-1836 (08-Jul-2013): The Possum Brothers book in for anger management(discussed here)
DR-1837 (09-Jul-2013): The Possum Brothers decide to go into demolition(discussed here)
DR-1838 (10-Jul-2013): Ben and Danni’s spare room rhino-vations(discussed here)
DR-1839 (11-Jul-2013): Max inspects behind the skirting board(discussed here)
DR-1840 (12-Jul-2013): The Possum boys’ demolished reputation(discussed here)
DR-1841 (15-Jul-2013): Max hammer(discussed here)
DR-1842 (16-Jul-2013): Max in(discussed here)
DR-1843 (17-Jul-2013): Max out(discussed here)
DR-1844 (18-Jul-2013): Possum in(discussed here)
DR-1845 (19-Jul-2013): Breakthrough in anger management(discussed here)
DR-1846 (22-Jul-2013): Possum emergency call(discussed here)
DR-1847 (23-Jul-2013): Breakthrough pain(discussed here)
DR-1848 (24-Jul-2013): Breakthrough bleating(discussed here)
DR-1849 (25-Jul-2013): Breakthrough cut-out(discussed here)
DR-1850 (26-Jul-2013): Breakthrough to freedom(discussed here)
DR-1851 (29-Jul-2013): A hedgehog goes back to the wall(discussed here)
DR-1852 (30-Jul-2013): An otter taking food for seven days(discussed here)
DR-1853 (31-Jul-2013): Screening test(discussed here)
DR-1854 (01-Aug-2013): A lightly-seated kleptomaniac(discussed here)
DR-1855 (02-Aug-2013): Badger pipeline(discussed here)
DR-1856 (05-Aug-2013): A bit quiet(discussed here)
DR-1857 (06-Aug-2013): The quiet time of the year(discussed here)
DR-1858 (07-Aug-2013): Pica box(discussed here)
DR-1859 (08-Aug-2013): Longer hours(discussed here)
DR-1860 (09-Aug-2013): Nursery posters(discussed here)
DR-1861 (12-Aug-2013): Civil war 1(discussed here)
DR-1862 (13-Aug-2013): Civil war 2(discussed here)
DR-1863 (14-Aug-2013): Civil war 3(discussed here)
DR-1864 (15-Aug-2013): Civil war 4(discussed here)
DR-1865 (16-Aug-2013): Civil war 5(discussed here)
DR-1866 (19-Aug-2013): Danni spills(discussed here)
DR-1867 (20-Aug-2013): All of it(discussed here)
DR-1868 (21-Aug-2013): Exchange of bunny words(discussed here)
DR-1869 (22-Aug-2013): And then to sleep(discussed here)
DR-1870 (23-Aug-2013): Flop and Jaz prepare for Blutenstein(discussed here)
DR-1871 (26-Aug-2013): Jasmine steps up(discussed here)
DR-1872 (27-Aug-2013): Jaz and Flopsy share a final carrot(discussed here)
DR-1873 (28-Aug-2013): The wolfen sniff and greet at Blutenstein(discussed here)
DR-1874 (29-Aug-2013): Meet Doc Wolf — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1875 (30-Aug-2013): Meet Bonesnapper — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1871 (30-Sep-2013): (Reloaded) Jasmine steps up — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1872 (01-Oct-2013): (Reloaded) Jaz and Flopsy share a final carrot — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1873 (02-Oct-2013): (Reloaded) The wolfen sniff and greet at Blutenstein — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1874 (03-Oct-2013): (Reloaded) Meet Doc Wolf — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1875 (04-Oct-2013): (Reloaded) Meet Bonesnapper — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1876 (07-Oct-2013): And Forty tells his brother be a man — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1877 (08-Oct-2013): And Flop and Jasmine trade some rabbit goss — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1878 (09-Oct-2013): And Blutenstein announces wolfen grace — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1879 (10-Oct-2013): A wolfen feeding frenzy cleans the board — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1880 (11-Oct-2013): What’s ethical is food that didn’t talk — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1881 (14-Oct-2013): Young Simon like is fully backing down — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1882 (15-Oct-2013): While Jasmine makes a fatal social gaffe — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1883 (16-Oct-2013): And Fortenflanck has business on the rise — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1884 (17-Oct-2013): Their son will be a doctor, wonderful — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1885 (18-Oct-2013): Doc Wolf will speak to help him come of age — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1886 (21-Oct-2013): Formalities aside, now here’s the beer — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1887 (22-Oct-2013): As Jasmine speaks of wolven kindly eyes — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1888 (23-Oct-2013): And Alfon spills the secret of the fight — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1889 (24-Oct-2013): The rabbit test — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1890 (25-Oct-2013): Next patient, please — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1891 (28-Oct-2013): Eighty-seven words — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1892 (29-Oct-2013): Sick and tired — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1893 (30-Oct-2013): Leaking rabbit secrets is a crime — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1894 (31-Oct-2013): Lockley is a master player — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1895 (01-Nov-2013): Rabbit vocabulary through the day — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1896 (04-Nov-2013): At Monty’s mansion, Flopsy gives a low-down — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1897 (05-Nov-2013): Discussing Simon’s nature, by the book — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1898 (06-Nov-2013): And now a tête-à-tête on Doctor Wolf — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1899 (07-Nov-2013): And finally, a promise to find out — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1900 (08-Nov-2013): Fin de shekel — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1901 (11-Nov-2013): Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy 010101 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1902 (12-Nov-2013): Ben considers a delivery — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1903 (13-Nov-2013): A Braxton-Hicks contraction’s hard to bear — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1904 (14-Nov-2013): And Mary comes to teach them both a lesson — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1905 (15-Nov-2013): It’s secret bunny business – rub it in — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1906 (18-Nov-2013): Lesson One – I am a rabbit — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1907 (19-Nov-2013): Apostrophes and contractions — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1908 (20-Nov-2013): Thus endeth the lesson — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1909 (21-Nov-2013): Curse you, Lord Lockley — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1910 (22-Nov-2013): Now Ben is taking the initiative — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1911 (25-Nov-2013): He goes to see Lord Lockley. They have tea. — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1912 (26-Nov-2013): Now tea and icy logic send him down — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1913 (27-Nov-2013): And very soon he’s walking out the door — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1914 (28-Nov-2013): But back again for one last little thing — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1915 (29-Nov-2013): And how much further has your wife to go? — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1916 (02-Dec-2013): You had to have her publically taught — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1917 (03-Dec-2013): As heroes in a coming revolution — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1918 (04-Dec-2013): The leaders, rivals to a common cause — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1919 (05-Dec-2013): Retainer as physician to a house — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1920 (06-Dec-2013): Surprising unpredictability — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1921 (09-Dec-2013): Shajha(h)ruth thoughts — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1922 (10-Dec-2013): Ben’s medical education – on line and looking up — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1923 (11-Dec-2013): Exciting offstage — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1924 (12-Dec-2013): Taking the Mickey — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1925 (13-Dec-2013): Washing brief — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1926 (16-Dec-2013): Waiting long — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1927 (17-Dec-2013): Wolfen lore — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1928 (18-Dec-2013): Welfare line — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1929 (19-Dec-2013): Valentine — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1930 (20-Dec-2013): Fallow time — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1931 (23-Dec-2013): Father and son and pregnant wife — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1932 (24-Dec-2013): Father and son and gestational hypertension revision — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1933 (25-Dec-2013): At Flopsy’s place with wolfen sniff and greet — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1934 (26-Dec-2013): With Simon’s deadly thirteen years of age — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1935 (27-Dec-2013): Like nowadays we got a killer app — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1936 (30-Dec-2013): Labetalol’ll beat amlodipine — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1937 (31-Dec-2013): And Simon signs to wear delivery — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1938 (01-Jan-2014): The toad goes ever on and on — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1939 (02-Jan-2014): Blue blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1940 (03-Jan-2014): Urgent blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1941 (06-Jan-2014): B-type blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1942 (07-Jan-2014): Family blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1943 (08-Jan-2014): New blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1944 (09-Jan-2014): Full blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1945 (10-Jan-2014): Running blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1946 (13-Jan-2014): Auto-B-Us – a new hope — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1947 (14-Jan-2014): Auto-B-Us – chain reaction — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1948 (15-Jan-2014): The worker of secrets — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1949 (16-Jan-2014): The bearer of secrets — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1950 (17-Jan-2014): The joy of string — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1951 (20-Jan-2014): More joy of string — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1952 (21-Jan-2014): Lost in thought — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1953 (22-Jan-2014): Peek practice — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1954 (23-Jan-2014): Rat tat tat — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1955 (24-Jan-2014): Simon says sorry — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1956 (27-Jan-2014): Who’s sorry now? — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1957 (28-Jan-2014): Young blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1958 (29-Jan-2014): Hunting blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1959 (30-Jan-2014): Social death — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1960 (31-Jan-2014): The story of my life — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1961 (03-Feb-2014): Eat in or eat out — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1962 (04-Feb-2014): Name change, father knows best — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1963 (05-Feb-2014): I am a rabbit — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1964 (06-Feb-2014): This boy is thoughtful and measured — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1965 (07-Feb-2014): Name game — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1966 (10-Feb-2014): Wild thing — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1967 (11-Feb-2014): Run time terror — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1968 (12-Feb-2014): Helter skelter — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1969 (13-Feb-2014): Kiss the moon — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1970 (14-Feb-2014): Let it be soon — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1971 (17-Feb-2014): Another day — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1972 (18-Feb-2014): It’s time to break a rabbit confidence — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1973 (19-Feb-2014): Stuck in the middle of apology — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1974 (20-Feb-2014): It’s you and me against the sorry world — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1975 (21-Feb-2014): Dismissal — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1976 (24-Feb-2014): If you leave me now, I’ll never cry — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1977 (25-Feb-2014): My mistake, go your own way — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1978 (26-Feb-2014): Staying alive, with a little luck — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1979 (27-Feb-2014): Another brick in the tragedy — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1980 (28-Feb-2014): Working my way back to you, crying — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1981 (03-Mar-2014): Woman on the 9 to 5 rocks — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1982 (04-Mar-2014): If you need my love, welcome to the house — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1983 (05-Mar-2014): Is there something I should know? — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1984 (06-Mar-2014): An innocent man for whom the bell tolls — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1985 (07-Mar-2014): So far away — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1986 (10-Mar-2014): Charonta-Lamba – The way it is — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1987 (11-Mar-2014): Charonta-Lamba – To her door — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1988 (12-Mar-2014): Simply irresistible — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1989 (13-Mar-2014): If you don’t know me by now — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1990 (14-Mar-2014): Opposites attract — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1991 (17-Mar-2014): Everything I do — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1992 (18-Mar-2014): Nothing else matters — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1993 (19-Mar-2014): Everybody hurts — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1994 (20-Mar-2014): Circle of life navigator — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1995 (21-Mar-2014): You oughta know you are not alone — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1996 (24-Mar-2014): Hero of the day — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1997 (25-Mar-2014): Woo hoo — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1998 (26-Mar-2014): Pressure Man — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-1999 (27-Mar-2014): All star — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2000 (28-Mar-2014): Bugger — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2001 (31-Mar-2014): Odyssey — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2002 (01-Apr-2014): Lust for life — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2003 (02-Apr-2014): All is not lost — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2004 (03-Apr-2014): Medium roar — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2005 (04-Apr-2014): Miserere — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2006 (07-Apr-2014): I’m just as sorry as you are — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2007 (08-Apr-2014): Not dead — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2008 (09-Apr-2014): Sorry day — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2009 (10-Apr-2014): I love you in Rat — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2010 (11-Apr-2014): The odyssey continues — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2011 (14-Apr-2014): Danni’s call back — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2012 (15-Apr-2014): A few more days — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2013 (16-Apr-2014): Not the best of mothers — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2014 (17-Apr-2014): Here and now — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2015 (18-Apr-2014): Here after — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2016 (21-Apr-2014): Thank you for saving me, Simon — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2017 (22-Apr-2014): We’re forever in your debt — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2018 (23-Apr-2014): I’ll ask and then I’ll listen — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2019 (24-Apr-2014): Rabbit pack — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2020 (25-Apr-2014): If you can look into the seeds of tum — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2021 (28-Apr-2014): Thoughts of cod — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2022 (29-Apr-2014): Health checks — family history — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2023 (30-Apr-2014): Health checks — medication history — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2024 (01-May-2014): Health checks — allergy history — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2025 (02-May-2014): Quarrydog checks in — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2026 (05-May-2014): Quarrydog’s quandary 1 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2027 (06-May-2014): Quarrydog’s quandary 2 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2028 (07-May-2014): Quarrydog’s quandary 3 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2029 (08-May-2014): Quarrydog’s quandary 4 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2030 (09-May-2014): Quarrydog’s quandary 5 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2031 (12-May-2014): Quarrydog’s quandary 6 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2032 (13-May-2014): Ben’s quandary — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2033 (14-May-2014): Ben’s hard day — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2034 (15-May-2014): Danni’s little ghosts — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2035 (16-May-2014): Twenty-nine Lockleyseconds — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2036 (19-May-2014): Ben’s terrible guidance — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2037 (20-May-2014): Pay the price — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2038 (21-May-2014): Two affordable choices — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2039 (22-May-2014): Full measure — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2040 (23-May-2014): The pieces are in place — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2041 (26-May-2014): Why? What a world — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2042 (27-May-2014): Your life will be your own — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2043 (28-May-2014): Empty beds — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2044 (29-May-2014): Paper shuffling — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2045 (30-May-2014): Thank you for saving me — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2046 (02-Jun-2014): Not the end — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA01 (03-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 01 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA02 (04-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 02 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA03 (05-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 03 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA04 (06-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 04 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA05 (09-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 05 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA06 (10-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 06 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA07 (11-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 07 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA08 (12-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 08 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA09 (13-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 09 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA10 (16-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 10 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA11 (17-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 11 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA12 (18-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 12 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA13 (19-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 13 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA14 (20-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 14 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA15 (23-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 15 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-EA16 (24-Jun-2014): Emerson and the Aliens 16 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-WB01 (25-Jun-2014): Welcome Back 1 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-WB02 (26-Jun-2014): Welcome Back 2 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-WB03 (27-Jun-2014): Welcome Back 3 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-WB04 (30-Jun-2014): Welcome Back 4 — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2047 (01-Jul-2014): Paperless paperwork — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2048 (02-Jul-2014): Unforgiven forgiveness — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2049 (03-Jul-2014): Blown secret — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2050 (04-Jul-2014): Safe secret — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2051 (07-Jul-2014): Two choices — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2052 (08-Jul-2014): Sorry not scared — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2053 (09-Jul-2014): Samba — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2054 (10-Jul-2014): Adagio — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2055 (11-Jul-2014): Promise — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2056 (14-Jul-2014): For life — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2057 (15-Jul-2014): Love — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2058 (16-Jul-2014): And goodbye — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2059 (17-Jul-2014): Flop and Jaz at home — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2060 (18-Jul-2014): Right and wrong and culture — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2061 (21-Jul-2014): Drop me off and go — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2062 (22-Jul-2014): I can’t be everywhere or anywhere — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2063 (23-Jul-2014): My plan to stop a hunting pack of wolves — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2064 (24-Jul-2014): Important now to see the bigger picture — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2065 (25-Jul-2014): Gutless wonders of the world unite — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2066 (28-Jul-2014): Wolves respect doctors — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2067 (29-Jul-2014): Change a’ plan — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2068 (30-Jul-2014): Regarding the meat truck — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2069 (31-Jul-2014): Don’t show fear — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2070 (01-Aug-2014): Ben steps into the lair — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2071 (04-Aug-2014): Alpha down the stair — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2072 (05-Aug-2014): Because I said so — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2073 (06-Aug-2014): Rat to the jaw — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2074 (07-Aug-2014): Rat to life — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2075 (08-Aug-2014): Rat on the tip of the tongue — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2076 (11-Aug-2014): Honour and life — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2077 (12-Aug-2014): Shame and consequence — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2078 (13-Aug-2014): Survival and realization — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2079 (14-Aug-2014): To the hunt — not happy — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2080 (15-Aug-2014): To the hunt — nice car — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2081 (18-Aug-2014): To the hunt — radical idea — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2082 (19-Aug-2014): To the hunt — what it takes — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2083 (20-Aug-2014): To the hunt — out of step — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2084 (21-Aug-2014): To the hunt — carrying a soul — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2085 (22-Aug-2014): To the hunt — we’ve arrived — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2086 (25-Aug-2014): At the hunt — Let’s go — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2087 (26-Aug-2014): At the hunt — Aroo — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2088 (27-Aug-2014): At the hunt — Run, boy — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2089 (28-Aug-2014): At the hunt — The boss rolls up — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2090 (29-Aug-2014): At the hunt — Look to your alpha — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2091 (01-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Can’t is for losers — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2092 (02-Sep-2014): At the hunt — First prey, man — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2093 (03-Sep-2014): At the hunt — And that’s it, near enough — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2094 (04-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Is this a joke? — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2095 (05-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Fight to the finish — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2096 (08-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Shut up and watch — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2097 (09-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Flesh and blood — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2098 (10-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Comeback — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2099 (11-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Wrong side — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2100 (12-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Scoop and run — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2101 (15-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Still with us, mate — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2102 (16-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Losing him — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2103 (17-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Done — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2104 (18-Sep-2014): At the hunt — What? — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2105 (19-Sep-2014): At the hunt — Shock — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2106 (22-Sep-2014): From the hunt — No damage — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2107 (23-Sep-2014): From the hunt — Sacrifice — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2108 (24-Sep-2014): From the hunt — Alive — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2109 (25-Sep-2014): From the hunt — Unfair — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2110 (26-Sep-2014): From the hunt — Reality — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2111 (29-Sep-2014): From the hunt — Full of dirt — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2112 (30-Sep-2014): From the hunt — Manfred’s going to have to give — (mirrored and discussed)
DR-2113 (01-Oct-2014): At the hunt — the speech of his life 1 — (mirrored and discussed)