Products I Use and Like

These are products that I’ve found helpful and useful:

BlueHost,  an online web hosting service I’ve been using for several years successfully.

The Email Alias Trick: One of the benefits of BlueHost (and vastly superior to GoDaddy and Network Solutions approaches) is the ability to add instant alias email accounts.  So, if you have to give your email address to a company, say XYZAntiVirus, and you don’t want to get spam at, you can set up in a moment (forwarding it to YourName), then give it to them as your email.  You’ll get the verification emails normally … but later, if you find that you’re getting spam at that address, you can delete it. BlueHost makes these forwarders fast, simple, and easy to manage.  I have literally hundreds of them, but I’ve been able to reduce my spam from two thousand a day to a dozens.

S2Member, a WordPress add-on that makes hooking up to PayPal easy. I’ve been successful using this to add an interface to credit card processing to club membership sites., a credit card processor. The S2Member system above allows hookups to your existing PayPal and Authorize.Net accounts (among others). We’ve found them to be straightforward, reliable, and inexpensive. And integrating the system into your WordPress site is easy with S2Member.

And as much as tablets have become all the rage — I use and enjoy an iPad that was a gift — there’s still something about the original Kindles and their ability to last for weeks and months between charges. So, here’s a long-lasting Kindle: