Christmastime brings a gentle reflection
Of my life with my dear Lady Anne
It is clear upon any inspection
Thanks to her, I was one lucky man

We had nearly a third of a century
And were shooting to make it a half
There’s so much that my Lady has meant to me
She was reason to live, love and laugh

Anne was wisdom and gentle reminder
And pure joy in an afternoon’s drive
Philosophical battery-winder
The best reason to keep me alive

We faced triumph and challenge together
We had times of the brightest success
And we stood fast in storm-laden weather
Would I do it again with her? Yes!

Celebrate with your friends and your kin
Turkey, ham, or exotics like pheasants
I know I was the luckiest of men
And was gifted so long with her presence

I imagine her watching me gently
And encouraging me to go on
There are challenges these days in plenty
But she smiles, and I see a new dawn

May you treasure your time with your family
More than precious, the love that you share
For the future has no kind of guarantee
Live each day! The next might not be there

===|==============/ D. Keith Howington 

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