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The Octans

I’ve got a new site under construction, which will have lots of information about an imaginary race of creatures called octans. They are inhabitants of the seas of a far-future Earth, and are the descendants of modern-day octopuses. By the time the story begins — the story being a series of books I am writing featuring this race — they have developed a human-like intelligence. Their biology, culture and sciences are very different, however — and the website called TheOctans.com allows interested parties to explore their background … in more depth, so to speak.

I will have a good supply of articles up here by the time the first book, Age of Octans, is published — which will be in the first quarter of 2014.  


  1. Oh don’t tell me this project is dead! I was randomly browsing wikipedia, then googled optic glands and found your post about the octans and later this website.
    Seriously, I loved the idea. I hope you have not abandoned your plans for the books.

    • Keith Howington /

      Not dead! Though I nearly was; a food poisoning incident killed my wife and nearly got me, earlier this year. I am adjusting to changes, but will be publishing the Octans first two books this year. The first one is done.

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