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A new beginning

Ah, it is disappointing that the posts here were destroyed. This was one blog that was backed up to an extent, but not so much that a tangle of websites couldn’t overwrite it.

So we start again.  Some business needs to be taken care of, including linking to my father’s “Memories.”  As he put it, he wasn’t important or famous, and so could not have “memoirs.”

Here’s the story:

Memories — the life and times of Robert K. “Pappy” Howington, 1911—2000




  1. Pamela Smith /

    Hello Keith Howington. This is your cousin, Pam. How is everything in California. I found this site when I was looking to see if Pappy’s book was still online. Drop me line and let me know how you are doing. Pam

  2. Keith Howington /

    Hello, Pam! Good to hear from you. Pappy’s book will be back online shortly.

    We’re doing well, in good health, and happy to be alive.

    • Pamela Smith /

      Hi Keith and Hello to Ann! I belong to a Southwest Virginia genealogy group and would like to share the website for Pappy’s Memories. I miss him and Grandmother so much, and when I read his words, I can hear his voice. Mother and Dad are still perking along, just not so perky these days. Our cousin, Lewis Colley died on Dec 6. Dad misses talking to him. Edna is doing well and lives near Clayton. Ralph and I have gotten into camping and bought a little travel trailer last year. Getting too old for a tent! The Potts Creek gang gathers every July. Cousins come from Florida, Ohio, and Indiana. Becky and Ralph and I appear to be the “old folks” now at camp! Wow! How did that happen???

      • Marco Howington /

        Hi All,

        This is Marco Howington , Pappy’s grandson. I was taking the train into NYC and decided to check into Howington.com and was excited to find Pappy’s memories.

        He has become a constant thought and companion to me and I routinely think back on the stories and his philosophy he shared with me during our Sunday morning visits for sausage biscuits and gravy. I miss him and one of my true regrets is I lived so near but seemed to be so far away.

        I know he would be proud to know he is yet again a great grandPappy.

        On September 12, 2012 my wife Alexandra (Ali) brougt the next male bearer of our ancient name into the world, Grayson Thomas Howington. He’s healthy,long and lean just like his great grand Pappy has that essential grand appetite for life.

        With love and respect to all.

        • Pamela Hill Smith /

          Hello, Marco! We haven’t met, but I am the granddaughter of Frances Howington Racoff, Pappy’s sister. I have been working on the family history for years. Haven’t gotten as far back as I would like, but I am happy to hear that the Howington name continues on in your son. I love his first name. Grayson Meade was one of my favorite cousins, and he was close to Pappy, too in his last years. Grayson and Pappy are both having a party in Heaven, now and sharing jokes and fish stories, I am sure!

          • Marco Howington /

            Hi Cousin Pamela. I discovered a lot of old history pre 1600’s. The data post 1600 to Pappy’s dad is whats missing.Drop me a line 973 768 3641.
            Love to chat.

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